Women Big Winners
Reader Questions: Where and how do I start?
October 9, 2016
MPO Poll: Preferred form of cannabis consumption
October 10, 2016

Right Now Marijuana TV, With 7+ Shows

What a ways American culture has come in approaching the topic of marijuana. And women, according to many analysts, maybe the biggest winners.

Few things are as culturally American as TV. Now with 7 sitcoms dealing extensively with the subject of marijuana to choose from, and, also a multitude of YouTube programming, change is taking place outside of the ballot box. A cultural change.

High Times’s David Bienenstock said “In a way, that’s a huge sign of progress. It shows that increasing social acceptance.” While many applaud the increased acceptance, many warriors in the battle are worried about the misrepresentation of the industry and its people at the expense of a laugh. So it goes.

As for the opportunities for women in an emerging industry, Women Grow is a great place to get started; not just for women but also for men.  The organization works with entrepreneurs and leaders at all stages of their business development.  With over 30 locations around the US and Canada, monthly get-togethers are about education and connections in the marijuana field. And as for that great marijuana entrepreneur, Snoop Dogg says “… and I love that: to see women get their hustle on.”



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