What Are Kaepernick’s Demands?
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September 18, 2017
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January 4, 2018

Whether you stand with him or not, NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick has created a conversation. And, among those who he believes need to hear it the loudest, white men.

Somehow through President Trump’s tweets, divisive media coverage, and this past Sunday where nearly 100 professional athletes took a knee during our National Anthem, we seemed to have lost focus of Mr Kaepernicks original intent.

In law intent is everything. In business and police negotiations, goals (or demands) are also everything.

Colin Kaepernick chose to sit on the bench during the national anthem to protest police brutality.

Goals are defined by two measures; first, they need to be well-defined and second, they need to be measurable. Unfortunately, Mr Kaepernick offered neither to a now baffled US public.

How do we measure police brutality? Assuming that Kaepernick plays again in the NFL, what benchmark would make him stand again? What demands would you make? Will others use the Anthem as a platform for other issues of inequity?


Sam Peterson
Sam Peterson
I treat my bone spurs with pot, weed, dope, marihuana and other forms of the cannabis plant.


  1. Avatar Angeles says:

    Hello? What part of BLACK LIVES MATTER does America still NOT understand?

    Black and white players & fans alike enjoy cannabis as pain relief medicine, yet disproportionate numbers of black and brown people are STILL arrested, still denied proper legal justice, still in prison, used and abused as slaves, their families and livelihoods destroyed by ONE word as inappropriate and indefensible as the n-word, “criminal” – all for doing the very same thing we white people of privilege enjoy – the buying selling & consuming of cannabis. – a plant that makes people happy.

    If Mr. Kaepernick is using his “pull” in his community (by any means necessary, remember?) to remind America that the battle for racial freedom & equality is far from over, than what you’re witnessing is actually the makings of a true American hero. Bravo! Puff puff pass…

  2. Avatar Dennis Pielack says:

    Black people like all other people make their own reputation as a grouping. When I say “Indian” many images come into mind based on one’s knowing of the created reputation made by the grouping of Indian, positive and negative: Indian Brave, Indian Savage. Over all, in 2017, because time changes reputations, Indian has a good reputation as loyal Americans who had suffered the worst treatment of any Native born in the history of the USA. From free, conquering the plains, mountains, lakes and lands, they were enslaved by the forked- tongue and long rifles of the government of that era. They suffered, overcame and live on today with all the opportunity, convenience, and equality as their once persecutors. Yet, although things are still not perfect, as a grouping, Indian has not the reputation of traitor to his Country, Flag, President, and justify it because their ancestors were once slaves, although some were slave-owners. Indian has gained the reputation as self-reliant, respecting the land, trust-worthy, who would grow their own cannabis, rather that deal with Super-fly, the Dealer Man, and feed the foreign smugglers.
    So the black millionaire man who cries he is disrespecting National Anthem, the Flag, and the President because cops treat blacks differently than whites, has failed to blame the Affirmative Action reputation that entitled grouping has created for itself and is making worse by being bad sports. Good homegrown might help.

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