Watch Out for New MI Medical Marijuana Law
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September 6, 2016
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October 13, 2016

In an attempt to get police, prosecuting attorneys, and judges out of the law making business, the Michigan Senate and House are close to ‘clarifying’ what the voters approved 8 long years ago.

What you need to know about the proposed law is that:

1) the state will license and regulate all steps of the process: from the seed to the retail market including missing inventory (or theft). A tracking system will be developed and used. The estimated annual cost is around $20 million.

2) the proposed law grants each community the right to determine if it will allow retail dispensaries. Local communities are granted authority to regulate, zone, and tax (fee) dispensaries. Local rule.

3) dispensaries (provisioning centers) are allowed and taxed at a rate of 3% on gross income (retail sales minus cost of products). This supersedes a 2013 MI Supreme Court decision that ruled dispensaries were not authorized by the law. The state hopes to generate income of $40 million from the tax, indicating a $1.3 billion legal retail market in Michigan.

4) growers are placed into 3 different classes based on how many plants they grow: up to 500, 500 to 1000, 1000 to 1500. The obvious is that this market is about to change. One has to wonder what’s wrong with individual trying to make a living. Look at what is happening to Colorado’s growers that are flooding the market as to expect in Michigan. Unless of course, if the policy makers want to control (or reward) market price by limiting competition.

5) the definition of medical marijuana is to include ‘edibles.’ By expanding the definition of medical marijuana to include edibles, the legislature overturned an unelected appeals court decision to prosecute those using edibles. The amount of THC in edibles will be limited by the proposed law.

With the passage of the Senate’s bill all that is left is for the House to concur, which could happen this week

Vote clears way for Michigan medical pot dispensaries

Michigan Senate OKs medical marijuana reform bills

Lon Swanson
Lon Swanson
Working to end cannabis prohibition through action.


  1. Avatar William Clark says:

    No wonder Michigan ranks as 50th among all the States in terms of governmental transparency. Per law at the time of the ballot campaign, signatures gathered beyond the 180-day limit could indeed be counted, if the signers were found to be residents of Michigan. The “presumption” that a signature was “stale” could thereby be “rebutted”. That’s why petition forms had room to write the signers’ addresses, to aid the Board of Elections in their verification process. Faced with the results of the MILegalize campaign, our current legislature ‘changed’ the 180-day rule after the signatures were turned in. That rule became law (“effective immediately”) when Snyder signed it. Imagine watching a football game and cheering for the home team. They win a close game by breaking a tie score in overtime. But the referees—who all had ‘heavy coin’ bet on the visiting team—decide to change the rules after the game is over. They void the overtime results and declare that the visitors have won. Understand now? And how would you feel if your health, or the health of someone you know and love, was adversely affected?

  2. Avatar rich in the D says:

    These bills are very bad for Michigan and rewards Governor Snyders rich buddies while the cost of a gram goes to $30

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