More Vindication; it really, really works
SCOTUS: The actual gateway drug
September 20, 2016
1st Patient Receives Cannabis Oil in Hospital
October 1, 2016

Yes, the medical benefits from marijuana really, really do exist. As Forbes reports, a string of published and valued research says that marijuana is delivering results, reducing deaths.

The most recent study found that drivers age 21 to 40 killed in traffic accidents, in medical marijuana states, were 50% less likely to have prescription painkillers in their system than those killed in states that do not allow for the magic weed. “That finding,” reports Forbes, “together with the results of earlier studies, indicates that making marijuana legally available to patients saves lives by reducing their consumption of more dangerous medications.”

Addictive opioids have always been in play. John Pemberton, the druggist that invented Coca Cola said of the cocaine in the drink “the greatest blessing to the human family, Nature’s best gift in medicine.” In his day, cocaine did the trick. Just as other opioids and nicotine ring up the sales today.

Maybe the most interesting finding, or the bravest forecast, from the research is the “longer medical marijuana was legally available, the bigger the apparent benefit.”


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