Exhausting to sewer lines
Using Tyvek for grow room
June 7, 2012
Electrical Question
September 20, 2012

Was just thinking about exhausting my room and have access to my sewer line. Closest to my city connect. Question is can i exhaust to the sewer. Certainly sounds good in theory. My neighbors are pretty close an air scrubber doesnt finish the job.

May be some plumbing issues but want to see if any one else has thought of or tried this. 

Thanks for the site and info..


  1. Avatar George Jetson says:

    Interesting idea and thought about it. I was thinking of exhausting into a cleanout drain in my grow room. Good idea hope to hear others who have tried it.

  2. Avatar J Grow says:

    Thinking i will try this though the smell will go up the stink pipe to the top of your roof. Dont have any upstairs neighbours do you?

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