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May 18, 2016
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I have ptsd among other medical issues from Iraq. I grew up with ptsd having survived a violent drug and gang infested neighborhood, then combat as one of the first soldiers deployed in Iraq.

As a teenager I never got into smoking marijuana too much. I experimented. After my anxiety from ptsd started showing around my friends, an acquaintance recommended I smoke marijuana, but indica specifically to “chill out” and relax my anxiety. I’ve been smoking over 20 years now, minus the time I spent in military service. None of the plethora of meds the candy dispensers at the VA offer make me feel as normal and relaxed as my old self as much as marijuana does, and marijuana is not toxic to my liver and other organs.

I’ve had a few veteran friends die of liver complications already from prescription drugs prescribed by the VA hospitals. The pain of losing a veteran friend after the war to drugs and/or alcohol seems more extreme than those lost in combat because now I have time to process it without interruption. PTSD makes this process a little harsher to deal with.


  1. Avatar Anonymous says:

    God bless you for your service young man.

  2. Avatar greg says:

    I’m not military but can relate fully with the candy hand outs that have contributed to my now chronic pancreatitis, weed being my only relief from cptsd related aliments last 5 yrs syc med free

  3. Ryan Richmond Ryan Richmond says:

    Thank you for your service.

  4. Avatar Jeff says:

    God bless you and thank you for your service. I am a veteran Marine who has had to live with the shame of getting an ‘Other than Honorable’ discharge because of my off-duty use of cannabis back in the 80’s. I quit using cannabis for about 20 years, but recently started using it again as it helps me with the medical issues that I now have, but I have many concerns in regard to losing my job, having my Second Amendment right taken away and even the negative stigma that comes with using a ‘federally illegal’ substance wondering if I will ever be raided by those willing to step on my rights. I hope one day i can wake up and not feel ashamed that I use an alternative medicine for relief I back President-elect Donald Trump and hope he stands by what he said about allowing State’s rights to take precedence in reo marijuana reform. – Semper Fi

  5. Avatar Mandi says:

    Can we speak more on how cannabis has helped your ailments?

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