Trump Threatens Industry With Fear Over Actual Regulation
What Happens When You Run Government Like A Business
April 2, 2017
What the Past 7 Years Has Taught Us About Pot
July 30, 2017

The United States Congress protected the medical marijuana industry through language in a spending bill outlawing the Justice Department the use of federal funds to prosecute drug crimes in states where medical marijuana is legal. Through a Presidential Order, President Trump vetoed the power of our representative Congress this week.

President Trump’s signing statement dismissed the ban on funds against medical marijuana laws and authorized enforcement of Federal marijuana laws. Direct opposition to laws passed by Congress. The branch of Government tasked with passing law.

In the absence of actual regulation of an industry fear is an excellent alternative. This could simply be a tactic by Trump to regulate and slow growth, absent actual laws.While it is acceptable to blame the President for not respecting Congress, one could also fault our Congress for not establishing actual legislation that permits the medical use of marijuana. Over 65% of the population now lives with medical marijuana legislation.

The US Government does own a US Patent on the medical efficacy of the plant.

Mr. President, please do the right thing and don’t be afraid. We are counting on you.

Jeremy J
Jeremy J
Undercover patient, full-time agent of the state.

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