Terrible Senate bill would prohibit medical marijuana in patients’ own homes
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April 17, 2015
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April 29, 2015



CIVIC ACTION ALERT: Call, email, or write your state representative and tell them to stand against this affront to liberty!

Lansing, MI – The Michigan State Senate – regarded as being the more hostile of the two legislative houses towards medical marijuana rights – has approved a bill that would allow landlords to forbid tenants from smoking or growing medical marijuana on rented properties. This bill would give landlords the ability to prohibit patients from using their cannabis inside their own homes.

The bill also completely forbids patients from smoking marijuana in “any portion of private property that is open to the public,” a broad prohibition which would include porches, yards, and conceivably even open windows.

If this bill ever becomes law, the consequences for legitimate, honest medical marijuana patients would be severe. Rather than give landlords a civil right to enforce their prohibitions on smoking or growing cannabis, the law removes the tenant from the protections of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act. Because of this, the tenant would be subject to criminal convictions for possessing and/or growing marijuana – even though the tenant is the holder of a valid medical marijuana card. None of the rights created by the people of Michigan in the MMMA would apply in the home – the place where citizens should have the most rights.

However, there is still time to keep this bill from becoming law. Because it would amend a law passed by public initiative, this bill requires a three-quarters majority of both houses of the state legislature in order to be sent to the governor for signing. Making it a crime to conduct legal activity in our own homes is an affront to liberty. Now is the time to call, write, or email your state senators and state representatives and tell them to respect the will of the Michigan voters and stand up against this terrible bill.


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  1. Avatar Greg Harbaugh says:

    Wow. Way to turn back the fair housing act. This issue should force the federal government to step in the same way housing reform helped civil rights across the states. Michigan is fu#$ing nuts.

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