Senate Votes Yes: Medical Pot For Veterans
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November 6, 2016
Today Could Be A Good Day – The Gov’t Wouldn’t Need To Use Its AK
December 5, 2016

Just before America celebrated Veterans Day this month, our US Senate did an incredible thing, they allowed Veterans Administration doctors to prescribe medical cannabis to Veterans in states with medical marijuana laws.

Previously the VA mandated that their doctors could not even discuss marijuana with their patients. Opting to follow federal law that cannabis has no medical value and is illegal.

“We see this victory as a step toward a peace treaty with the government we volunteered to defend with our lives and as a step toward restoring our First Amendment rights and dignity as citizens,” said T.J. Thompson, a disabled Navy veteran, in a statement circulated by the Drug Policy Alliance.

Jeremy J
Jeremy J
Undercover patient, full-time agent of the state.

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  1. Avatar Msgt Vance says:

    Write the White house and ask about ending cannabis prohibition before Obama leaves office by de or rescheduling cannabis. Cannabis prohibition has long been used as a tool of repression. You can be aware of this simply by the numbers of people of color and minorities arrested compared to whites.
    The incoming Attorney General has said in the past that he thought the Klan was ok till he heard they smoke pot! He has said he was joking but you know for sure he hates cannabis users when he jokes that they are worse than the Klan!!!
    Please beg the President not to allow these people this tool of repression! Reschedule or best for the country turn it over to the ATF making it the ATFC!
    Do not let them take office with this tool of repression available for them to use against those they do not like! End the war on cannabis users before you leave we beg you!

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