Research: Doctors Care About Politics for Marijuana, Guns, Abortions
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October 14, 2016
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October 24, 2016

New research from Yale looked into how a doctor’s political beliefs affected their patient care. Since politics is in the nation’s blood system, as part of our DNA as humans, it would make sense that doctors also have political beliefs in their’s.  Yep, sure enough.   

What was found is very reassuring.  Doctors are human.  The survey asked doctors about how they would treat a patient.  The different categories were:  alcohol use, marijuana use, cigarette use, sex worker use, depression, firearm use, obesity, abortion and helmet use (catch-all for several things).  Keep in mind that the survey had a small response rate.

“On the politicized health issues—and only on such issues—Democratic and Republican physicians differed substantially in their expressed concern and their recommended treatment plan.” ”Democrats were more concerned with firearms (storage), while Republican doctors were more concerned with abortion and marijuana.”

Go figure.


Democratic and Republican physicians provide different care on politicized health issues

There May Be Differences In How Democrat And Republican Doctors Care For Patients 

Sam Peterson
Sam Peterson
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