Make your own Marijuana food

The active ingredients in marijuana bond well with butter and other fats and oils.

Make Your Own

  • Butter and Oils
  • Cannabis and Fat Mix Well
  • Cannabis is not water soluble
  • Discrete
  • More narcotic effects
  • Longer Lasting

Recent Recipes

December 7, 2016

How To Make Cannabis Mayonnaise

Make this delicious cannabis mayo recipe at home and enjoy on a sandwich. INGREDIENTS: 1 cup Cannabis Oil 3 egg yolks 1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice […]
December 7, 2016

How To Make Marijuana Cooking Oil

You can use cooking oil in many of your favorite recipes. We are using vegetable oil in the following recipe, you can always substitute with other […]
November 14, 2016

Make Marijuana Jolly Ranchers

Are you looking for relief in a familiar and tasty way? Want to try something more than smoking? Remember the effects of marijuana food takes longer […]
July 9, 2016

Make Your Own Cannabis Topical Oil

Are you experiencing joint pains, have arthritis or other illness that a topical cannabis oil could help with? Topical products are simply oils or lotions applied directly to the […]
June 4, 2016

How to make a marijuana (cannabis) tincture

Ingredients: 3-4 grams of high-quality marijuana 2 ounces of Everclear or Bacardi Rum – 151 proof minimum Directions: Chop cannabis very fine (coffee grinder) Place in a […]
May 29, 2015

Canna Coffee Creamer

1 Cup Whole Milk 1 Cup Heavy Cream 4 TBS Maple Syrup 1 TBS Vanilla Extract 5 Grams Kief or 14 grams of marijuana flowers Whisk […]
April 21, 2015

High Steaks: Marijuana Infused Meat

Santa Cruz Labs, a medical marijuana testing lab located in California, recently posted a photo of marijuana infused beef jerkey from Badfish on their Instagram feed. […]
March 16, 2015

How To Make Marijuana Infused Honey

Cannabis infused honey can be a tasty way to enjoy the medical benefits of marijuana. The following recipe will yield a lot of honey for the […]
January 29, 2015

Baked Chicken Canna Wings Recipe

Are you gearing up for this Sunday’s Super Bowl? Looking for a classic Super Bowl snack infused with your favorite medicine, marijuana? Ingredients About Five pounds of […]
June 22, 2014

How to Make Cannabis Coffee

Ingredients: 1 fresh brewed pot of coffee 4 tsp of finely-powdered Arabian Mocha 2 pinches of ground nutmeg 2 pinches of ground cinnamon 1 pinch of […]
March 12, 2014

How to make cannabis lotions

Cannabinoids and possibly other healing components of the plant are absorbed directly through the skin; the anti-inflammatory properties are outstanding, reducing recovery time from injuries and […]
January 3, 2014

Simple marijuana tea recipe

ONE SERVING What you will need: Tea bag(s), marijuana, whole milk, water, small sauce pan or tea kettle Grind one-half to one gram of marijuana flowers […]