Protestors Rally Outside Lansing Capital
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March 30, 2013
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April 13, 2013

Well over 100 patients, caregivers and other individuals concerned about the Supreme Court’s adverse rulings regarding medical marijuana, marched the Capital yesterday. Their protest was in response to the abuses of power that some in Michigan government have taken to undermine the voter approved Michigan Medical Marihuana Act.

The rally was organized by the National Medical Marijuana Coalition, a state-wide group that has advocated and organized for the rights of patients in the past, however yesterday’s demonstration was to showcase the mistreatment of caregivers by those in charge.

“What the supreme court essentially said was, patient, you’re protected, but anybody that helps you isn’t, they can go to jail every time. Who’s going to participate in a program like that,” said Joe Cain, the organization’s  chief executive officer.

Brian Wallace
Brian Wallace
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