Pregnancy and Marijuana Use, Is It Safe?
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January 29, 2015
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February 25, 2015

Little is known about marijuana use while pregnant. The government warns us about the evil dangers of marijuana and the risk to your unborn child, but is there any proof to their claims?

If we ignore the last standing prohibitionist, even the lamest person understands the medical benefits that marijuana provides. Half of the United States has legalized medical use of the plant, and just last week the US Surgeon General (the top US doctor) admits that federally-illegal cannabis has real healing powers.

Jamaican women have used marijuana during their pregnancy for generations, often to relieve nausea, and for depression and stress. During the 1960s, graduate student Melanie Dreher, through her university, performed an ethnographic study on marijuana use in Jamaica observing and documenting its usage and consequences among pregnant women.

Dreher studied 24 Jamaican infants exposed to marijuana prenatally and 20 infants that were not exposed. Her work evolved into the book, Women and Cannabis: Medicine, Science and Sociology. Researchers continued to evaluate the children from their study for 5 years after their births. The researchers results showed no negative impact on the children, and more than that, results found the exposed children to be far above average, according to the Brazelton Scale which identifies a baby’s strengths, adaptive responses and possible vulnerabilities.

Most North American studies have suggested that marijuana use can cause birth defects and developmental problems. Those studies did not isolate marijuana use, instead, researchers lumped cannabis with more destructive substances ranging from alcohol and tobacco to meth and heroin. One hundred percent of these studies in the US have been funded, controlled and manipulated by the National Institute of Drug Abuse, an organization that has a financial interest in manipulating the research to continue their own funding. Big government tactics.

With so much new data today confirming the medical benefits of cannabis, and claims about the evils of marijuana debunked, will society stop judging women for their decision to consume cannabis while pregnant?

“It’s going to be a real challenge. Once a view becomes hardened and people see it as the truth it becomes really hard to dispel it” says Daniel Simons an author and psychology professor at the University of Illinois.

A definitive study is needed to end the argument for good. The internet and personal research leads me to believe that marijuana is less harmful to a child than opiates, for example, and that eating, drinking or vaporizing is much, much safer to your unborn child than smoking.

Rita Murphy
Rita Murphy
I treat my rheumatoid arthritis with marijuana. Sometimes I write about it.

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