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March 27, 2017
How Marijuana Killed Erin Moran and Others
April 25, 2017

Besides word of mouth referrals and some social media traffic, most visitors to our website use organic searches through Google before ending up at the MarijuanaPatients.org site. Over 1,000,000 each year to be exact.

These searches reveal a lot about what questions people have as it relates to medical marijuana. Below are a random sampling of a few search terms over the past thirty days.

  • easiest edibles to make
  • marijuana constipation
  • local dispensaries
  • medical marijuana for degenerative disc disease
  • sativa strains
  • how to make marijuana infused creams for pain
  • medical marijuana cardholder in Michigan my doctor doesn’t approve what should i do pain fibromyalgia
  • my pasenger put weed in the trunk of my car
  • marijuana cures baldness
  • pot in the bible
  • florida concealed and medical marijuana
  • what is cbd good for
  • medical marijuana card without medical records
  • sativa vs indica gel capsules
  • making cannabis cookies
  • government patents on marijuana
  • Cannabis Infused Lotion Recipe
Dan Drevin
Dan Drevin
Patient advocate and I also run a financial services advisory firm in Metro Detroit.

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  1. Avatar Mrs. David says:

    And these are the very same people our Big Governments STILL put into prison for not respecting “the Law”… mostly because they are poor, can’t defend themselves financially & “non-white.” More proof of the “Unbearable Whiteness” of Cannabis legislation…

    Don’t legalize, ABROGATE!!! means We The People must get rid of” ALL cannabis prohibition laws NOW!

    Love Honor respect to you & everybody involved @ MPO.

    Remember….”Yes We Can” 😉

    – the “high” Priestess of the Green Cross

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