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October 18, 2016
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October 30, 2016

For those that don’t know about Rick Steves, Rick is more than just one of your ordinary, tireless, superhero proponents for legalization, he’s famous. When you are famous, you are an influencer. But better yet, Rick is an influencer for the stodgy PBS demographic as he is the host and entrepreneur behind the successful travel show Rick Steves Europe. This makes Rick one of the most influential advocates for legalizing recreational marijuana in the world. Change the middle class and change the world.

Rick makes it clear that he is not a promoter of marijuana but for the legalization of marijuana. “I’m promoting getting pragmatic and looking at harm reduction by taking crime out of the equation.” For the man that enjoys sitting in front of his fireplace, enjoying a good head buzz, the issue is civil liberties, “Society has to make a choice to tolerate alternative lifestyles or lock up more people.”

In case you want to know, he prefers joints but keeps a bong on the fireplace mantel.


Rick Steves’ Barnstorming Tour

Why Rick Steves Wants Your Mom and Dad to Legalize Marijuana

Photo: Boston Globe

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Sam Peterson
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