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July 24, 2017
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For the past seven years, I have worked as a contributor to this website. It has been exhausting and slowly turned a passion into a chore. The medical benefits of the cannabis plant (our Federal Government renamed it marijuana in 1937) are well known and for some time. The notion that ‘further testing is necessary’ has been thrown around by opponents for too long. It works. The US Government issued itself a patent outlining the plants healing benefits in 2004.

Implementation of marijuana into our well-established medical system and, moreover, respect by our judicial system for laws enacted by the majority of Americans is necessary before we fully reclaim our inalienable right to this ‘healing plant’.

The progress of a brave minority, who history will soon forget all about, will force these two groups to shift their belief systems faster than they are prepared.

The worlds opioid addiction is out of control. Doctors are too blame for the problem. Law enforcement is equally as guilty in this sick game against society.

More marijuana prescriptions could equal more marijuana addicts. I get it. The same as opioid addicts. More prescriptions for pain pills = more future heroin addicts. Do you want more heroin or pot users in our society?

When my grandchildren have their first encounter of drugs I hope they are prepared. Who will they meet first, the heroin or pot dealer? It will be up to their parents, and, in some part, our policing community to help them to make the right choice. None of the above,

Our nation’s police departments do exceptionally well with statutes, laws, and order. Once we legalize pot, more doctors will venture into the marijuana prescribing game and divert less of their patients to the poppy plant — and more to the cannabis plant. Police will be able to regulate, monitor and track both drugs and their supply.

Why has my job become so burdensome you might ask? Because nothing changes. More of the same; my friends and peers are still being arrested, young people from opioid overdose/deaths go unmentioned in the news and more political posturing. The battles are always bloodiest at the end of a war.

Legalize fully. Make lawful. Work hard. Keep going.

Dan Drevin
Dan Drevin
Patient advocate and I also run a financial services advisory firm in Metro Detroit.

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  1. Avatar Anneliese says:

    I am not a fan of ” legalization” for the very reasons you mention, because nature is NOT on trial here, human stupidity is. “Good people break bad laws.” And bad people make bad laws and then profit on them and the lives they destroy. How many slaves did these so called “laws” create? How much “crime” did their laws prevent?

    The ONLY solution is to decriminalize cannabis, formally known as “abrogation” – meaning to “get rid of ” bad laws that only hurt people with trauma & pain.

    The ONLY two laws cannabis needs are: 1) not to be sold to minors in any form without parental authority; and 2) most important, make it illegal to mix or combine ANY addictive substance with the plant, that way cannabis won’t be contaminated by big business or big government in the same way tobacco is made addictive & toxic for profit$.

    Trusting any criminal organization, government or otherwise, with the job of legislating (and growing) cannabis will only create more crimes for which they alone expect to profit. The People need to take back their own power and grow their own medicine, as is our “natural” birthright.

    Thank you for your excellent article, which only goes to prove what an epic failure bad laws made by criminally insane, profit addicted people make. I leave y’all with a favorite quote from Seth Rogan,

    “Prisons are for rapists, thieves & murderers. If you lock up someone for smoking (or growing) a plant that makes them happy, then you’re the fucking criminal.”

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