Officer Tampers With Evidence, Erases Wife From Surveillance Video
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December 7, 2016
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August 10, 2017

PONTIAC, MI – Lawyers and defendants involved in a seven-year trial connected to a Ferndale, MI dispensary, Clinical Relief learned this week that Officer Jeremy Doty tampered with security video surveillance tapes. The officer is alleged to have removed portions of footage that show his wife working at the now shuttered State-approved medical establishment.

Jeremy Doty, a 19-year veteran officer assigned to Oakland county’s narcotics team (OAKNET) removed an estimated 40 days of video footage from Clinical Relief security cameras. Footage showed the officer’s wife (who was not charged with any crime) dispensing and selling cannabis to area patients. Tampering with evidence is the crime of altering, destroying, or concealing physical evidence with the intent to affect the outcome of a criminal investigation or court proceeding. If convicted, Officer Jeremy Doty faces up to 5 years imprisonment.

After discrepancies were uncovered by defense lawyers, Oakland County Assistant Prosecutor, Beth Hand responded by email, “If you want to come see anything I will facilitate that and I will be present as well.”

A motion hearing before the Honorable Judge Daniel O’Brien is expected in the coming weeks, a hearing which will facilitate the return of the medical clinic’s surveillance hard drive.

Prosecutor Hand had no comment regarding criminal investigations of the officer involved or how this new development could impact the court proceedings of defendants in the Clinical Relief trial.

Dan Drevin
Dan Drevin
Patient advocate and I also run a financial services advisory firm in Metro Detroit.


  1. Avatar Paralegal Sue Bond says:

    If you have tampered video, I would love to hear from you.

  2. Avatar Steve reynolds says:

    When will people learn that drug units, like drugs in a community can also destroy law enforcement culture. Drug unit assignment is like isis boot camp. It turns good cops bad and bad cops into sadists.

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