Oakland County Drops Criminal Charges Against Clinical Relief Dispensary
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May 11, 2017
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July 30, 2017

Prosecutor dismisses criminal charges against dispensary operators from 2010 arrests.

Pontiac, MI- Oakland County Judge Daniel P. Obrien dismissed criminal charges against five defendants connected to a now-shuttered Ferndale, MI dispensary, Clinical Relief. In exchange for individual criminal charges dismissed, the corporation admitted responsibility to one count of marijuana transfer and was ordered to pay a $5000 fine.

On August 25, 2010, the Oakland County Sheriff arrested 9 individuals connected to the Clinical Relief medical marijuana dispensary for the ‘unlawful’ transfer and possession of marijuana despite being fully approved by multiple state, city and county officials. On July 4th, 2017 only 5 of those defendants were still in court. Four defendants had accepted plea arrangments in recent years.

Criminal charges against all remaining defendants were formally dismissed on July 5, 2017.

County website records show that over 300 records exist for each of the defendants since their 2010 arrests. Filings that range from simple motions to, multiple State Supreme Court filings and one Supreme Court oral argument.

Barbara Agro, 75 worked at the clinic with her sons, and deceased husband, Sal. After officers raided Mrs. Agro at the clinic they went to her home. Mrs. Agro had spent the past seven years fighting various criminal marijuana charges before Wednesday.

The recent chain of evidence discrepancies, favorable Court of Appeal rulings, new legislative enacted dispensary statutes and a shift in public policy forced long-time foe, Prosecutor Jessica Cooper in changing her approach regarding the prosecution of medical marijuana providers.

Criminal defense attorney Neil Rockind (rockindlaw.com) was responsible for arranging the unprecedented offer between defendants and the prosecution.

Will Mrs. Cooper adopt this ‘corporate’ approach towards current dispensary cases still lingering within the Oakland County Circuit Court?



Dan Drevin
Dan Drevin
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  1. Avatar Noah Boday says:

    I’m can’t wait for the lawsuits to start…Oakland County you where criminally wrong and need to pay for the pain and suffering u caused

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