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May 11, 2013
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With all of the revisions to the medical marijuana law in Michigan, there’s a lot of discussion about new products and services on the market tailored to help patients remain in compliance. The product that seems to be generating the most buzz is Cannalock from 4856 LLC which was developed in response to new requirements for transporting medical marijuana.

While Cannalock’s founders expect stiff competition following changes to a law that now requires medical marijuana be kept inaccessible to the driver of a vehicle, they’re extremely confident that they’ll come out on top. “We’ve got more than a few tricks up our sleeves”, says Ryan Richmond, the founder of 4856 LLC and the patent holder behind Cannalock technology.

The main “trick” Richmond is referring to is the ambitious design of the Cannalock device. As the name implies, Cannalock is a product for keeping medical marijuana in a secure location while driving that is both locked and inaccessible to the driver, a key component of helping patients stay legal and within the guidelines laid out in Michigan House Bill 4856, the inspiration for the company’s name. While 4856 LLC surely won’t be the only player in this market, they are taking a two-pronged approach to delivering a product that satisfies legal requirements for transporting medical marijuana and that patients love.

The first part of this approach involves a utilitarian design that’s still attractive. “A lot of the feedback we’d received during the design process indicated that many patients simply won’t use a product like this unless it looks good so we set out to create something that patients will be proud to own.”, says Richmond. The thinking behind 4856 LLC’s strategy is that the attractiveness of the product will not only encourage it’s continued use, helping the patient using it stay legal, but encourage other patients who don’t yet own one to get one and stay legal as well.

The second part of this approach is security and Cannalock’s can’t be beaten. 4856 LLC is putting the same type of technology into Cannalock that is part of many modern smartphones. By way of an accelerometer and other technologies located inside of the device, Cannalock will automatically lock itself down when the vehicle carrying it reaches a certain speed and only unlock once the vehicle has come to a stop and after a certain period of time has elapsed. Richmond calls this technology a “game changer” that will convince everyone from law enforcement to legislators that the patient using it takes the issue of keeping their medication inaccessible while driving very seriously.

A solid and concise strategy lets Richmond sleep easy at night as he anticipates making Cannalock available for purchase later this Summer. “Prototype production is underway. Our competition isn’t even close to a prototype as half as good as Cannalock. It’s great news for marijuana patients not only in the State of Michigan, but nationwide.”

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You can learn more at the company’s website http://cannalock.com


Dan Drevin
Dan Drevin
Patient advocate and I also run a financial services advisory firm in Metro Detroit.

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  1. Avatar Dennis says:

    This sounds like a wonderful product that will ultimately reduce the number of people who might be found in the grey area of the law. What is the true definition of inaccessible? How far does the lockbox need to be from the driver to be considered legal? I think it will also keep grudge-holding cops in check so law abiding patients and caregivers aren’t exploited. It should sell well considering with all that accelerometer technology dosen’t put the price out of the reach of the average consumer.

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