New Law Bans Medical Cannabis Use in Rented Homes
Today Could Be A Good Day – The Gov’t Wouldn’t Need To Use Its AK
December 5, 2016
Why The Elite Will Control Medical Pot
March 1, 2017

Senator Steve Bieda, testifies before the House Criminal Justice committee 9/17/14, to discuss bipartisan legislation he and Senator Rick Jones (left) have put forward which would criminalize “cyber revenge”. Senate Bills 924 and 925 would make it illegal to post sexually explicit images on the Internet without the consent of an individual, but also including images given through consent within the confines of a private relationship.

To the vast number of states who thwart federal law by creating compassionate medical marijuana laws, thank you. To the states, like Michigan, with medical cannabis laws but unrepresentative leadership who deny citizens equal protections, increase marijuana arrests by 20%, deny safe access and now… deny housing. You can bite it Michigan lawmakers (punks).

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder will sign into law next week a bill which allows landlords to deny housing to cannabis patients and their caregivers.

Michigan State Senator Rick Jones, the bill sponsor said, “the legislation protects fellow tenants and landlords from smoke and damage to buildings. No one needs to use medical marijuana in a smoking form, if they have a prescription, they can use it in many other ways – edibles, creams, oils, and even vaporizers.”

Patients everywhere understand that smoked cannabis instantly passes through the body while edibles and lotions can take up to one hour to realize effects. Ask a cancer patient how quickly vomiting and nausea can form and then tell it to this ass-clown Senator, Governor and Legislature.

Federal law does not allow landlords to discriminate against the sick (marijuana patients). Federal law does not allow for medical cannabis. Case law, states rights, nor compassion have any place in the wild mid-west. Michigan you are better than this.

Lon Swanson
Lon Swanson
Working to end cannabis prohibition through action.


  1. Avatar Jim Harbaugh says:

    If my landlord was to kick me out for my use I would not be able to afford the area I live in and have to move. More costs and my medical bills and cancer is already killing me. Governor Rick Snyder you are the worst possible form of a human being that I have never met.

  2. Avatar Paul Forkell says:

    Clearly going AGAINST the will of the people.

  3. Avatar Ralph says:

    As expected our elected officials and government policy makers are turning up the volume in a discriminatory fashion. At first discrimination against a plant and associated that discrimination to a race and even socieo-economic class of people now housing discrimination against treating ailments with cannabis. I’m shocked. No one reads or believes their bible anymore.

  4. Avatar Theresa says:

    Maybe Rick Snyder should be more concerned with safe drinking water than marijuana patients.

    • Ryan Richmond Ryan Richmond says:

      A landlord must disclose any known lead-based paint or hazards to potential tenants, and a tenant can choose to/ or not to rent. The US government has declared marijuana more harmful than lead consumption. Maybe Tricky Rick will do the right thing. The bill is still on his desk. This could be the best or worst move he makes.

  5. Avatar fred simmonds says:

    I am facing this very thing right now and I am preparing to move because of it even though I can’t afford to move. I always paid my rent I’ve never been in trouble here and my neighbor’s love me they are actually upset because the property manager is doing what she is doing to me all because medical marijuana.

  6. Avatar kim says:

    You all are being to hard on him.maybe he dont really understand how good it is.alot of people lie about having thier card.

    • Avatar Mark says:

      Bullshit, what evidence do you have of this?You lie yourself about the Fact s if they lie about their cards,why did the government give them to us, I am a liver Cancer survivor,can you give me the source of your fake information?

  7. Avatar Andrew says:

    we know they think it should be illegal. Why not just ask the if they think it should be illegal for the same reasons it was originally made illegal.

    When he says “yes”, you can call him a racist.

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