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July 13, 2016
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October 5, 2016
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Starting in 2010 in Michigan I got an opportunity to get a “Medical Marijuana” recommendation to grow and possess Cannabis. Originally I thought it was a get out of jail card to protect me from law enforcement, as I had no inclination that Marijuana was medicine.

Even though I had been fighting with HIV/AIDS and Five major cancer events over 30 years I didn’t believe that a simple plant was able to help my conditions. It wasn’t until the cancer came back on my skin did I consider trying it, and because I was out of options and no longer had any expensive health insurance. When I asked the local community members if this Rick Simpson Oil they talked about had any effect on cancer, since it was being touted as a miracle solution to most any chronic condition. The unexpected answer was YES !

So then I asked to try some myself and it seemed to work on my Squamous Cell Carcinoma on my face. That changed everything for me, after a lifetime of struggles with Cancer, it seemed like a way through it was in hand. So in hand I thought about how many years I had spent smoking Marijuana and agonizing over the search for a survivable treatment. The answer was so close I couldn’t see it until now.

Needless to say it changed my life and it was really all I could think of. After a long career in the paint business, I walked away to grow Marijuana in my basement and make oil for the sick. At first our community was all about helping and the world seemed like a better place. We met up in large groups to hold rallies to support the first victims of overbearing law enforcement. We formed Compassion clubs all over Michigan hosting farmers markets and safe places to meet. Great parties were organized with bands and a really good time was had by everybody that participated.

I still recall talking this Oil story to 7,000 Screaming supporters at Hash Bash in Ann Arbor. It’s an annual event to support legalizing marijuana. The crowd went wild at the sound of finally getting some amazing news about their favorite herb and it’s potential to actually make life better for people. When I threw an ounce of Alaskan Thunderfuck from the podium it sounded like Thunder to me, the crowd went crazy.

What I didn’t know at the time was this was going to be short lived, the community was already being infected by personal interests and setting up monopolies was what some people decided to pursue. The next year at Hash Bash included out of town personalities like Steven DiAngelo from Oakland California. The lines seemed to have been drawn during that period of time. More and more outsiders began to circulate through. People from ASA, Norml, High Times Magazine all began taking a serious business interest in Michigan. Quietly what I considered to be good friends were selling out our future in the business of Marijuana. They used the good will of the people to help pursue a private agenda that would in the end exclude all the patients that got them positions of power.

Only recently was one of these “Schemes” to Legalize Marijuana finally ended because of insufficient signatures to get on the (Michigan) 2016 ballot. This group has been relentless over the last year to try and get “Recreational Marijuana” legal so they could cater to a much larger clientele .Not known until recently is a decision to work secretly with lawmakers to completely overhaul the will of the people and take over the industry.

This activity is going on in every state that has Legalization initiatives. The same “Marijuana Mafia “is working to put themselves in the business of controlling our use and availability of the best natural medicine available. I believe that beyond the scope of running a monopoly to control prices, they have made agreements with Pharmaceutical companies to control the supply of all Cannabis base medicines for astronomical profits.

What I see here is old fashioned greed taking advantage of the sick and undermining them. I believe that everybody has room in this industry. If the pharmaceutical companies want to participate, they should lower their prices. If the Marijuana Mafia wants to compete they should raise their moral standards. I believe that recreational Marijuana should be legal and available in local storefronts, by local people. I believe that making oil is not a law enforcement issue; it is a fire marshal concern. I think that if the rest of the world could see how many people I have helped with this oil it would change public opinion and the availability of Cannabis would be an option for anyone regardless of social status.

When California goes to the polls this November, these same dark figures will be strongly represented in the Prop 64 Ballot proposal. Regardless of the rhetoric the Medical Patients will suffer and it will end Medical Marijuana as we know it.

I say what I know to be true and hope we can all benefit as a people in life, not a Business.

-So Others May Live


  1. Avatar Rick Snyder says:

    Mike – dont you think the Ron Boji crafted bill now LAW in Michigan is far worse than anything that your former hippy friends ‘did’ to patients. How many signatures did you gather for a better petition drive, how much $ you raise and how much legislation did you draft and share with politicians in MI?

    Other than bitch what have you done so others may live?

  2. Avatar Timothy says:

    Paid your checks all along

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