How Much Pot Do They Smoke in North Korea?
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June 16, 2017
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September 12, 2017

Probably the same as any other society. No law exists in North Korea that prohibits or criminalizes the use or sale of cannabis.

Cannabis is legal in North Korea and Kim Jong-un does not consider it to be a drug. Grocery bags full of it can be bought in markets for as little as .50 Euros.

Writer Darmon Richter said he purchased a plastic bag full of weed in an indoor market in North Korea and smoked it in outdoor parks, restaurants and bars.

Posting on his blog, he wrote: “So as it turns out, growing and smoking cannabis is completely legal in North Korea. Encouraged, even.”

Jeremy J
Jeremy J
Undercover patient, full-time agent of the state.

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  1. Avatar Dennis Pielack says:

    Marijuana just might be the common denominator to peace and understanding with North Korea. Perhaps President Trump needs to send a marijuana experienced coalition to pow–wow with Kim and allow him to feel the effects of the several wonderful mind expanding strains produced in America which is surely a better alternative for his Country than war

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