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June 27, 2014
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July 25, 2014

As more and more states permit medical marijuana use, what about those folks that cannot afford the medicine. With the passage of Obamacare and state-run health care exchanges, should cannabis be covered as a medical expense like any other medicine?

Please read the following letter, quite a common message we are sent at the MPO. And to those brilliant lawyers reading this, what Obamacare argument could be made for our friend Ryan below?

Hi my name is Ryan Jacobs and I’m a medical marijuana patient in the hills of Southern California. Aside from my illness I am a recovering herion and other opiate addict clean for 5 years and 2 months. I have helped struggling addicts on Facebook as well as mentor many others. I suffer from many ailments due to my long battle with evil , but right now I’m dealing with an auto immune problem like lupus. I’ve had an infection in my body for months and no antibiotics have subdued it. They say it’s pluracy but that’s was 3 times in er once by ambulance , next it was an infected tooth which had been cause of infection. But it went untreated for so long I’m not sure what is left that I can do. Kidney and stomach pain constantly unless I’m taking the pain meds they give me or smoke my medicinal marijuana.

I can’t take opiated meds so I take the marijuana. I traveled to Pennsylvania from here in San Diego to visit my kids on Father’s Day, sick real bad, and had the worst experience ever with airlines. My seat was sold because I was checked in 2 mins late but my stepdaughter was flying half the flight with me on her way to Alaska, was checked in on time. So I had to deal with that and finally after hours and hours waiting with a bad infection tearing through me, we got our flights and she flew with a relative, she’s 4. On that trip to pennsy which took 3 days to get to and 5 aircraft . I was asked to leave one plane Bc I looked like I had the flu. So I was layed over in Seattle for 3 days trying to fly home and get medical attention and to see my kids. After landing the 4 th day I found out they lost my luggage and another airline had it… Long story short I’ll never use them again.

After finding my family torn apart by a matter concerning my brother, I realized that I needed home, I needed my wife and California. So after a month living on a couch I flew back here to San Diego. My health is poor from traveling and what it took to get home. I’m back with my wife but I feel so much worse. It’s my kidneys and my stomach and my chest hurts so bad and I’m feeling like my body is shutting down. The doctors are baffled. But all I really want is to have some semblance of a life while able to.

My medical marijuana and my wife are all I need but now I’m in the negative and there’s no room in budget for my meds. If there are still decent human beings in the world, if anyone knows anyone in the med marijuana trade poway California or San Diego I’m pleading to you if you can spare any amount of meds for a patient and prominent member of San Diego society to relieve my pain I would be so appreciative and my wife Lindsay would too. If you can help in any way my number is 1 6195921607 that’s my cell, text or call.

My wife or father in law could talk about what I am going through and I have my paperwork about medical marijuana card and everything. I’m not trying to scam anyone . Ask local dispensaries and stores about me to get background or whatever but when i was making good money and healthy I went to a lot of dispensaries and gave spend a lot donating to them. I’m a friend in need and that is all. If you want to tell someone who you think could help my email is rdjacobs30@yahoo.com thank you. And god bless you.

Marijuana Patients
Marijuana Patients
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