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January 15, 2013
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On any given day you can find Brian Wallace, owner of Kind Baked, a medical marijuana food line, busy working in his commercial kitchen supplying the needs of Michigan medical marijuana patients. On this day when we visited the kitchen, staff was busy preparing Sweet Reliefs, virtually identical to a Snickers candy bar with the exception of one main ingredient, marijuana.

In 2007, while operating a wholesale cleaning supply business, Brian had been experimenting with baked goods, mainly for his young children and himself of course. Brian never considered turning his joy of baking into a ‘real business’. That is until 2009 when the medical marijuana law took effect in Michigan and an opportunity presented itself.

“A friend’s mother had  her marijuana card for severe pain from arthritis. She told me that marijuana worked great but she did not care for smoking. A light bulb went off instantly,” explained Mr Wallace. “I quickly got my caregiver license and studied how to make marijuana edibles, wound down my other business and have been making medibles full time ever since.”

The bakers at Kind Baked often use marijuana concentrates, ie. hash, as the active ingredient in their food line. Brian tells us “Patients want consistency, and any where you go to get a Kind Baked snack, the flavor and dosage is the same. This is important to patients, and an opportunity for us to fill in the market.”

Their product lines include, candy bars, cookies, brownies, chocolate and fruity puffs, and other hash infused baked products. The packaging is impressive, however the quality controls that the providers take in the manufacturing process gives me confidence in endorsing their products.

Kind Baked currently works with a few dispensaries and caregiving operations throughout Michigan and is expanding their presence daily. From the impressive and clean operation to the energetic and compassionate operators, we expect this company to become a leader in the Michigan medical marijuana food industry.

Dan Drevin
Dan Drevin
Patient advocate and I also run a financial services advisory firm in Metro Detroit.


  1. Avatar Alley says:

    Delicious products and they work great for my illness. Have had these at my dispensary and always get them and recommend to any one that prefers eating over smoking. Thank you..


  2. Avatar Scot says:

    Delicious candies and chocolates, just like the real thing but with added benefits. Not to mention one of the nicest and most caring people you will ever meet. Thank you!!

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