How To Make Marijuana Infused Honey
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June 22, 2014
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April 21, 2015

Cannabis infused honey can be a tasty way to enjoy the medical benefits of marijuana. The following recipe will yield a lot of honey for the average patient, and for a long time. Consider cutting the recipe in half, or whatever amount you feel you will need. Your cannabis honey will last for up to 8 months if stored in a dark, cool place.

What You Will Need:

  • A crock pot
  • One ounce of cannabis (grind or cut up first)
  • 5 pounds of honey (locally sourced honey is preferred)
  • Cheese cloth
  • String or bread tie


  1. Wrap your cannabis in a cheese cloth. Tie the end with a string.
  2. Put the cannabis in your crock pot and pour honey over top.
  3. Cover crock pot and cook on low for five hours, stirring couple times per hour. Do not let boil.
  4. Turn crock pot off. Let honey sit to cool for up to 24 hours.
  5. Remove bundle from the honey, squeezing as much honey from the cheesecloth as possible.
  6. Put your honey into a jar(s).
  7. Enjoy.
Brian Wallace
Brian Wallace
Create marijuana infused food products and chill on my small sail boat.


  1. Avatar Anonymous says:

    The heat process will decarboxylate the cannabis and you can also use trim leaves and small buds. Or if you want great stuff, you can use your good buds.

  2. Avatar Anonymous says:

    If u dont carboxylate it its not active …

    • Avatar Anonymous says:

      If it’s heated past 200-250 in Che crockpot its activated…

      • Avatar Warren Bobrow says:

        but it can be so much better if you:
        1. decarb (I have an Ardent.. and it makes everything perfectly!)
        2. add lecithin- (supercharges your buzz0
        3. magical butter machine

        full disclosure- I wrote the best-seller: Cannabis Cocktails. I learn by making mistakes. just like you. and you know what? It’s ok!

      • Avatar Michael says:

        Never cook huney past 120*f as it will destroy the medical properties of the honey, better to make oil and defuse it into the honey

    • Avatar fenix says:

      This is a myth. Raw cannabis extracts are light energetic and euphoric but not stoning at all. As a patient in my mid 30’s i rarely have time or the desire to be stoned and stuck to my couch for 8-12 hours. I highly recommend trying for a pleasant head and body buzz without the unpleasant heaviness.

  3. Avatar shawn says:

    Wow these crazy honey nerds are so interesting☺

  4. Avatar Dave Rave says:

    I prefer infused coconut oil. I mix it into unsweetened cocoa,honey,maple syrup and vanilla extract to make chocolates from scratch… 🙂

  5. Avatar Anonymous says:

    can you please send me this recipe and more. I do chemotherapy and radiation and weed is a cure for a lot of the affects suffered by the chemotherapy and radiation. Charity Holmes 6501 West Charleston Blvd apt C-18. Las Vegas Nevada,89146. thank you

  6. What is your method of transportation of the THC molecule? There is no fatty lipid thus infusion is impossible for any medicinal content. I guess you can enjoy the taste; however, this is a failure.

  7. Avatar krislankay says:

    So would you recommend doing this recipe or not? I was already looking into local honey as part of my daily routine, but I don’t want to destroy the enzymes etc. I know you said to keep a thermometer in it, and check it frequently, if possible, but would like more insight, if possible. TIA!!!

    • Avatar debeesea says:

      If the temperature goes over 40oC then you essentially are destroying most of the good stuff that honey has. If there is a way to decarboxylize marijuana with such a low temperature yes, go for it.

      If not you have to choose: You either heat it a lot and have a marijuana honey that is decarboxylized and you get the high and the good stuff of marijuana but not the good stuff of honey (the taste of honey will still be there of course) OR you don’t heat it above 40oC and you get a honey that has the good stuff in it but with marijuana that isn’t decarboxylized so you don’t get high.

      All these provided that marijuana isn’t decarboxylized around 40oC which I am not sure about but I think you need more heat to make that happen, perhaps someone with more knowledge on marijuana and cooking it can answer that, I just provided my knowledge on honey.

      Hope this helps…

    • Avatar debeesea says:

      Or as other have also said if there is a way to decarbozylize marijuana first and then mix it with honey without going over the temperature limit then that would be the best way! Then you get all the good stuff!

    • Avatar Baldy says:

      It should work fine

  8. Avatar nathan f, says:

    In my experience, this would taste amazing, but have no medical value. This would not help you medicate. Make budder, then mix that with honey that could possibly work and taste even better.

  9. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Can coconut infused mj be mixed with raw honey ?

    • Avatar Lori says:

      This is kind of like what I do, as I’m not sure honey is a good medium to extract the cannabinoids, but I just do the honey and coconut oil, at first this way I can make chocolates, add it to recipes, coffee, chai tea, I also keep all the bud in it and blend it up really good by putting a regular size canning jar on my blender ring, basically any regular size mason jar can be used for the container, and just blend everything real good, that way I’m getting all the benefits, I decarb everything first, and the jar thing is great for grinding everything up, you do everything in one container that way there’s not waste, and not as many dirty dishes, and you use the jar in a pan of hot water, I put the lid on that way nothing escapes, makes some killer stuff.

  10. Avatar Robert Hempaz, PhD Trichometry says:

    Rule of thumb … 110 deg C (240 F) limit for 60 min to decarb Cannabis and convert THCA to THC. So, if honey breaks down at 40 deg C, better to first decarb your Cannabis flowers first, THEN soak the decarb’d flowers in everclear to dislodge the trichomes, drain off and dry the plant material and save it for stash-filler, then add the now cooled liquid to the honey, about a mix of 75/25 to retain a thick viscosity. Spread on your toast with some butter and cinnamon, and ‘jai-la’ … you’ve got canna-honey!

    • Avatar curious says:

      “110 deg C (240 F) limit for 60 min to decarb Cannabis”

      What is the method used for heating. What kind of container? In the oven? I’m uninformed. Thanks.

  11. Avatar Zolt Freeman says:

    wonder this ?
    If you just infused the honey
    And gave it back to the bees
    What can it do but make
    A happy Bee? And cure
    What ever is killing them
    Off? Or they get possessed and sting the hell
    Out of ya!

    • Avatar Rob says:

      Bees do not have receptors for THC, so they dont get high. There is also a guy, that makes raw cannahoney, bees only collect stuff from cannabis plants and make honey with all of the great stuff, plus high effect.

    • Avatar Taylor Bagnell says:

      Bees don’t have an endocannabinoid system. Very little do bees benefit from cannabis from other aspects

  12. Avatar Anonymous says:

    I was under the impression you needed to use oil or butter to get the infusion? Or is this strictly for cannibinoids, therefore not the?

  13. Avatar Danielle says:

    If you made one pot of Honey infused, and take over the recommended temp for the Honey to be much use, but then added that to some unheated Honey I think that might do the trick..

  14. Avatar michelle says:

    What about using cannabis oil?

  15. Avatar Sharron says:

    Enjoying this topic so much, unable to smoke and need pain relief but don’t necessarily want high.

  16. Avatar Lori says:

    I’m just adding my opinion, that since no one seems to know how well the cannabinoids are infused into the honey, I’d use either and alcohol or coconut oil, I’ve done both, and then mix that into the honey, I always decarb first, just to know for sure it’s done.

  17. Avatar Keifus says:

    Def gonna try this

  18. Avatar Anonymous says:

    I dissolved 1 gram of hash into 375 ml of honey and 1 tablespoon was a dose.

  19. Avatar Robbie says:

    I totally agree

  20. Avatar Jakelyn says:

    Based in the recipe here i would decarb

  21. Avatar Panda says:

    Now, can you just use pure thc concentrate and infuse it directly into the honey or do I need a medium like coconut oil to infuse the concentrate into first and then mix it into the honey?

    • Avatar Dale says:

      Heat up the honey and you oils and mix les then one point at a time and ster and repeat but I suggest you activate your oil or shatter frist you can do that by baking your shatter or whatever in the event at 200 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes then add to honey slowly

  22. Avatar Bruno says:

    I’m a bee keeper I have gallons of honey I was wondering if I took 1/4 oz. Per qt jar and left in my truck during the summer if it would be enough to infuse it? I live in the Az. desert.

    • Avatar Warren Bobrow says:

      sounds like you’ve done this before.. of course… same holds true for wine! try it! or bourbon, even better!

  23. Avatar Susan White says:

    Why did mine turn out drk brown

  24. Avatar Warren Bobrow says:

    I wrote the best-seller, Cannabis Cocktails. There is so much disinformation in this thread. Please, let me help. I have an Ardent Decarboxalator. You open the container. Put anywhere from a few buds to 1/2 oz inside, close the top and turn it on. In one hour and fifteen minutes you have perfectly decarbed Cannabis- fully active. Look at their website for info.. fascinating.
    then I add my decarbed buds whole, not ground, into my Magical Butter Machine. I add one cup of coconut oil. One tablespoon of lecithin, one cup of raw honey. I close the top. Select 160 Degrees for two hours. The magical machine does the rest.

    Ok, so you don’t want to spend the money on the Ardent nor a Magical Butter Machine? Check out my book on Amazon or in your local bookseller. I give the entire recipe there. from decarb to infusion to making tasty little cocktails and mocktails. and yes I am a Medical patient- but no, not a doctor.

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  26. Avatar Kat says:

    Actually the honey recipe on http://www.theherbalinfuser.com makes exceptionally potent and really delish cannabis infused honey

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