Marijuana Concentrates
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November 21, 2013
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November 22, 2013

Concentrates are a really quick and effective way to use medical marijuana to treat certain conditions -or for fast and immediate relief.

Concentrates remove the plant or vegetative material, leaving behind the active ingredients or canabinoids. The extraction process is done with a solvent that is later removed or reduced.

This produces a variety of other products. Everything from lotions or salves, to hash, hemp oil, simpson oil to alcohol tinctures or even whats called wax.

Some say concentrates are better than raw cannabis flowers because smoking the flowers has a carcinogenic effect of burning plant material, and concentrates eliminates this (or most of it).

Ultimately concentrates are important because so many people rely on them, and some conditions depend on them. Choosing the right delivery method is a personal experience and will differ from others. And a little research and some experimentation goes a long way to satisfaction and successful relief, and understand the options provided by concentrates is an important component.

Steve Greene
Steve Greene
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