Make Marijuana Jolly Ranchers
Make Your Own Cannabis Topical Oil
July 9, 2016
How To Make Marijuana Cooking Oil
December 7, 2016

Are you looking for relief in a familiar and tasty way? Want to try something more than smoking? Remember the effects of marijuana food takes longer to kick in and often lasts longer.

Option A:

What You Need:

  • Large bag of Jolly Ranchers from the store. Remove wrappers.
  • Candy Thermometer
  • Cannabis tincture
  • Candy molds (optional)
  • 1/4 cup water


  1. Grind up the Jolly Ranchers in a coffee grinder. Use all the same colors if you want to have a specific color. If not, throw them all in!
  2. Put ground Jolly Ranchers and water into a pot on a stove and bring the temperature to 300 degrees exactly using candy thermometer
  3. Once 300 degrees is reached, take off heat and add as much tincture as you want
  4. Pour the contents into candy molds, or onto a cookie sheet covered in non stick foil, and let harden
  5. Enjoy!

Option B:

What You Need:

    • Raw Sugar (2 cups)
    • Light corn syrup (2/3 cup)
    • Flavoring of your choice (3/4 cup)
    • Hash (1-2 grams)

Begin by mixing the sugar, hash and syrup until they are mixed together. Heat until your liquid is 295 F, then remove the mix from the oven and add your flavoring. Line trays with wax paper and place in the freezer for one hour.

Brian Wallace
Brian Wallace
Create marijuana infused food products and chill on my small sail boat.


  1. Avatar Tina says:

    Don’t have a Candy thermoter how can I do it

    • Avatar Yoda says:

      Go to store you must, buy one you will.

    • Avatar Duh says:

      Buy an $8 thermometer

    • Avatar Kyle says:

      you can without a candy thermometer, but it’s very important that it gets to 300 degrees. It takes a good while on very high heat. I’ve ruined a cook by only getting up to 260 degrees. At 300, the chemical breaks down allowing it to harden when it cools. Otherwise, you end up with a syrupy mess.

      • Avatar Malcolm L Wiseman III says:

        If you under cook and end up with a syrupy mess pour syrupy mess into a glass jar. Take a wooden skewer soaked in water and rolled into sugar and hang in jar so sides and bottom don’t touch skewer. Wait a few days to weeks (depending on how large you want the crystals) for sugar crystals to form (essentially rock candy).

    • Avatar fuckthisrecipe says:

      The article is pure dog shitt…..doesnt say how many jolly ranchers, doesnt say too much vegetable glycerin will liquefy the candy and it will never cool back hard again. Take this horseshitt article down

    • Avatar Cathy says:

      get it to the hard ball stage

    • Avatar Linda says:

      Dollar store

  2. Avatar Corrine says:

    How much alcoho do I use and how much other ingredients do I use to make this?

  3. Avatar Dean says:

    What is the best tincture to use to make the Jolly Ranchers with

  4. Avatar Inkmom says:

    I want to make a mostly CBD extremely low THC candy how much would I use? Or what ratio?

    • Avatar Malcolm L Wiseman III says:

      Firstly you will need a high CBD low THC strain Abatin Wellness’ Cookie Drizzle 0.1% THC 18% CBD

  5. Avatar Oliver says:

    How many jolly ranchers roughly?

  6. Avatar REGINA LOPEZ says:

    Read people..” one large bag of jolly ranchers.”

  7. Avatar Sara says:

    Ok can we please get an idea how much tincture to use for one strong batch? And about 30 candies or so? So frustrating to not get measuremnets, im looking everywhere trying to find recipes using mbo but not having any luck 🙁 thinking im gonna try a tablespoon of tincture?

    • Avatar julieanne says:

      If you want really strong, 3.5 to 5 grams would do the job. When I use 5 grams, friends laugh and tell me it’s too strong.

    • Avatar Ralph T says:

      I found a recipe on the magic butter website but I’ve tried 4 times now and the taste is overpowered from the tincture

      • Avatar Malcolm L Wiseman III says:

        When making any candy I always evaporate the alcohol from the tincture to get RSO and use that. Remember alcohol evaporates at 170 degrees so you MUST keep an eye on it. Once the alcohol appears to have all evaporated add a couple of drops of water to it. Since water evaps at 210 deg you will know that all the alcohol has evaporated if the water droplets have evaporated.

      • Avatar Dt says:

        I found the same regarding the magical butter tincture recipe regarding my gummies… tastes like a jello shot. lol

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