Local Sheriff Threatens State Rep Over Pro Medical Pot Bills
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March 9, 2016
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April 11, 2016

Picture this – you are at the YMCA exiting the showers, naked, after a long morning workout and standing face to face with an armed police officer in full dress blues. This officer, police chief actually, is your friend and neighbor, and you are a state legislator. Today however, on the cold concrete floor this man is no friend.

With a hand on his department issued weapon and a ‘shit-eating grin’ on his face you are told “Don’t even think about proposing, sponsoring or voting for any medical marijuana bills. And drop the ones currently in committee, or well, you know, things can happen.”

This situation did happen in western Michigan and similar situations have unfolded across our great state. This encounter as well as other ‘threats on politicians’ were explained to me by Eileen Kowall, a former State House Representative and current Oakland County Commissioner. Mrs. Kowall (a career politician herself) wanted to keep the identity of her peer (still in the legislature) anonymous. Eileen explained, “my encounter with the Sheriff (Michael Bouchard) was less intense but still a threat. What is happening is disgusting and my eyes have been opened.”

With ever-increasing biased (influenced) judicial decisions from our Michigan courts, how many of these judges are themselves, like Mrs. Kowall and her peers, also under duress? What else can explain feudal-like court proceedings and rulings that have doubled the amount of marijuana arrests and convictions, even after the legalization of medical marijuana throughout Michigan, and recreational cannabis laws for adults now rule of law in over 50 Michigan cities.

Like slavery, any industry will do anything to protect itself. Truly a police state. Even one that can intimidate the legislature.

Dan Drevin
Dan Drevin
Patient advocate and I also run a financial services advisory firm in Metro Detroit.


    • Avatar Anonymous says:

      Is this really BS?
      I can only hope that it is

      • Avatar Anonymous says:


        • Avatar Caro says:

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  1. Avatar Warren Osborn says:

    I hope this is not real

  2. Avatar Stacie says:

    this is true when I worked on another campaign I heard this story. Definitely true

  3. Avatar Trent H says:

    Cops usurping our democracy? It’s known as a Police State. Sheriff Bouchard is a Napoleonic Douche Bag.

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