Libertarian Party ‘Just Says No’ to Legal Pot in Michigan
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August 3, 2017
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August 20, 2017

I have a friend that attended Michigan’s Libertarian Party convention this past Saturday. He said it was his first convention and an interesting time.

It was a 1 day event where their group determined things like what platforms to support – to – selecting new officers to lead their 700+- membership within the state. Which brings me to my 1st of 2 points of interest: Libertarians are disproportionately influential in the political arena.

With a meager national membership of 331,000 they collected 13 presidential votes for every member of their party in 2016. The Dems, on the other hand, with 81,000,000 reported members lost .2 of a vote per member (64,850,000 Hillary votes) and the Reps with 68,000,000 members lost .1 of a vote per member (63,000,000 Donald votes). It sounds like the Dems and Reps should tell their membership to stop talking about ideas with potential voters and among themselves because apparently when they do … well they lose votes when they open their mouths to describe their Party’s vision of the future.

My friend said during lunch they had a guest speaker that represented the Michigan petition drive by Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol. As you probably know, Libertarians have been supporters of legalizing marijuana for years as their creed calls for less government. The interesting part is when the group returned from lunch a delegate made a motion to adopt a resolution supporting Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol. Now, for those that don’t know, the petition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol includes regulating and taxing; and, regulating and taxing are part of government that Libertarians don’t like too well. Following their rules of procedure the resolution was put to a vote and it failed.

Now for the second point: say what you want about Libertarians but foremost they are principled people. Their matras of freedom and non-aggression speak loudly. Now contrast that with the political forces that bring to us criminal records and broken families.

Brian Wallace
Brian Wallace
Create marijuana infused food products and chill on my small sail boat.

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  1. Avatar Anneliese says:

    How can nature be illegal? Especially when it helps so many more than it actually harms? Unlike cigarettes, pills & alcohol, all “legal” & government controlled.

    Good people disobey bad laws.

    Don’t legalize it, America, ABROGATE!!! means “to get rid of”!!!! Oh the unbearable “whiteness” of cannabis legislation!!! No thanks.

    “Power to the People” to GROW OUR OWN. Native land, native rights. Nature illegal? But guns aren’t? Now that is ‘crazy’ because everybody knows – guns kill people, pot doesn’t. Never has, never will.

    Only two laws for cannabis are therefore required:
    1) don’t sell to minors without parental knowledge & consent &
    2) NEVER contaminate or poison the plant (especially for profit) or else you go to prison for a long time. “Lest we forget” what ‘cigarettes’ did to tobacco.

    More importantly, first we FREE THE SLAVES$$ !!!! Bad laws put millions$$ of innocent people in prison for smoking/ growing / buying or selling a plant that makes people “happy.”, and now we want to create even MORE laws? More laws equal more prisons. Hell no.

    What we need to do is actively release these prisoners from this domestic war on vulnerable populations, such as veterans with PTSD. Poverty is not a crime last time I checked. We need to recognize these “prisoners “as the soldiers they are, not just as patients , – for their great loss & sacrifice, to make amends.

    We need to ‘decorate’ these prisoners of conscience as America’s truest “freedom fighters” – the dealers especially, who risked their lives to medicate people with trauma, where most often their own government & people failed them.

    These prisoners are the true “war heroes & she-roes” in America’s phony fear-based ‘war on drugs’ . It’s time we welcome all veterans “home.” If not, then how can we deserve, as medical cannabis patients, the very freedoms they are still denied? How hypocritical…

    “Legalization” is like winning WWII and then allowing the nazis to write up the peace treaty. How bizarre. Don’t legalize, ABROGATE!

    Nature is never a “crime” folks, … unless you’re suggesting ‘God is guilty’?


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