Jackie O
January 4, 2013
OG Kush S1
June 15, 2013

This wonderfully flavored sativa dominant hybrid is too much to explain on the internet. If you can find this remarkable strain, you are as lucky as we are. Kudos to the growers that have created and engineered this strain.

Marijuana Patients
Marijuana Patients
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  1. Avatar Ronald says:

    This was awesome and got some this week TWO THUMBS UP

  2. Avatar Davapist says:

    Heady, energetic. complex and smooth. Very pleasurable. Clarity is on point. Kind of hay-like in the mouth at first, but nice pungent aftertaste. Tasted in Purple Days hardwood desktop vaporizer so the taste is pretty unadulterated. Highly recommended. Hard in a backwards state to know when what is coming around, so I’m glad to have come across this. Would repeat.

  3. Avatar Killer Sana says:

    The creator of this strain is a geneticist. . .that is all i can divulge to you peeps ; ] that’s why it’s so rare and so awesome. . .dude had some killer Sugar Momma too. . .

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