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June 23, 2012
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August 1, 2012

Indica capsules are primarily used for chronic pain or night time use, due to the slow effects of cannabis indica. You will find these capsules typically in glycerin or oil (vegetable or olive) based forms.

Based on weight, and of course quality, one capsule for 3 hours for 100 pound female, 3 capsules for a 300 pound male will provide optimal relief. Best if taken on an empty stomach to feel the full effects, you will want to eat after, we promise.

Making Indica Capsules — Makes about 50 capsules.

  1. 7 grams of medical marijuana, Indica variety ‘buds’ or the flowers are ideal. If you don’t have access to an accurate scale, 1/3 cup of ground cannabis powder weighs about 7 grams. It’s easier to grind the cannabis later. (see Step 4).
  2. Create a little bowl or basket out of aluminum foil, and put the cannabis in it. This will help keep it from burning or sticking to the baking sheet. Put the foil basket on the baking sheet and put in in your oven.
  3. Decarboxylate the cannabis by baking it. 250°F for 22 minutes, but recent information suggests that the ideal protocol is actually 225°F for a full hour. This step will make your kitchen smell like marijuana, very intense, beware.
  4. Grind the cannabis; it’s more brittle after decarboxylation, and the more surface area exposed, the more efficiently it will bind to the fat in the coconut oil.
  5. Measure out 2.5 tablespoons of oil. We suggest Coconut oil though other methods can be used, research other methods on the internet.
  6. Pour the oil and ground cannabis into a Crock-Pot set on warm (lower than low), for 6 hours.
  7. Let it cool down to 100°F  and then you can filter out the plant material using a coffee filter and a garlic press or potato ricer.
  8. Fill the “large end” of the #00 capsules by using an oral syringe.  Be sure to push hard enough to feel the “click” when putting the small end of the capsule on, ensuring it’s sealed properly.
  9. Gently wipe the capsules clean and store in a dark, cool place, ideally a refrigerator or cool cellar.

Consume. Take one capsule at first and wait up to one hour to realize the effects, add as needed.

Brian Wallace
Brian Wallace
Create marijuana infused food products and chill on my small sail boat.


  1. Avatar glenn ,iller says:

    How much is your pills? Do I need a doctor permission for this?

  2. Avatar glenn Miller says:

    How much is your pills and do I need a doctor perscription for it?

  3. Avatar Terry Hughes says:

    How much are they?

  4. Avatar William Bassler says:

    I have a medical marijuana card and was prescribed this. Does it make you high? I worry and don’t want that and can it be taken with Xanax for sleep. Or will this help with sleep. I have severe tinnitus.
    Thank you

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