Growing Organic Marijuana
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October 29, 2012
Juicing cannabis saves lives after physicians give up
December 3, 2012

In most consumer food markets the word organic is all the rage. Any thing claiming to be organic is assumed to be better for your health, and for the most part that is true. The same goes for organic marijuana versus non organic.

What does it mean to be green when growing your own marijuana? Organic implies that there is no use of chemical or man made fertilizers, nutrients or repellants at any point during the growth cycle of the plant.

Organic marijuana tastes better and is healthier especially when smoked, but can consume more time and money. Nothing good is easy. One thing that will not prove challenging when starting to grow organically is access to information.

The internet and your local grow store is flooded with tips and tricks. But one rule applies, be consistent. There is no such thing as kind of organic.

One resource we can recommend online for organic grow questions is whygrow.com

Marijuana Patients
Marijuana Patients
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