Getting mites out
Getting rid of spider mites
March 21, 2012

Used the mite bug bomb the big one twice and still mites. What should i do different and can i keep bombing in flower?


  1. Not sure what the issue is. Always make sure the room has no fans or lights on. You want the room closed off from rest of home or building. 2 big cans should do it.

    Perhaps you are in a wet/humid area or in the woods where mites are always an issue. Mites are attracted to heat, is your garden too hot maybe?

    In no case do you want to mite bomb in flowering you can use mineral oil, eucalyptus oil or several other oils and liquids to apply to leaves during flower but do not use bomb.

    Controlling temperature will keep them away in my experience

  2. Avatar Buddha says:

    Need to start over after flower and scrub and scrub and never get those genetics again.

  3. Avatar Frannk says:

    Let a bunch of lady bugs loose, half will get sucked in your fans the others will eat all the mites.

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