Free Medical Cannabis Card For All US Citizens
First Marijuana Arrest 80 Years Ago Today
October 2, 2017
Jeff Sessions Brings Fight To CannaBusiness, Markets React
January 4, 2018

Are you a citizen of the United States? Looking for a free card (or written prescription) authorizing the use of marijuana? Look no further.

The US Government has a program allowing your use, and with no fees or tax. Most citizens are unaware of this little known, long-established government program.

Medical marijuana card for free, no charge. Unique Government program.

Use this document to qualify your use of marijuana.

CAUTION: Certain individuals within Government, chiefly Judicial and Executive branches of State Governments, have little regard for this document (US Constitution). Use your rights at your own risk.

If you are uncomfortable exercising your rights, nobody blames you. Use the link below to find a doctor in your area.

Sam Peterson
Sam Peterson
I treat my bone spurs with pot, weed, dope, marihuana and other forms of the cannabis plant.


  1. Avatar Donald Agoston says:

    That is great news I hope to get one soon thank you for this information

  2. Avatar Donald Agoston says:

    That is great news thanks for the information you made my Thanksgiving I hope to get one soon

  3. Avatar Mary J Story says:

    Are talking about CDB?

  4. Avatar Mary J Story says:

    Is this for real. It is CDB ?

  5. Avatar Angeles says:

    The Constitution is a great thing if leaders obey it but often they don’t…and it takes a March of millions to ensure that they do.

    If there was a war and the “enemy” – never having “surrendered” never admitting its war crimes, nor releasing any of its POWs then asked for your location and personal info for FREE, would you now give it to them?

    Crazy Nuts eh? welcome to the Government’s idea of “legalization”

    “Lest we forget” the Government’s so-called “war on drugs” which in effect ‘they’ – the prohibitionists – terrorized and destroyed millions of American lives for NO GOOD REASON!!!!

    The onus is on them to pay for damages & reparations, not issues “licenses” and permit ‘freedoms’ we The People are naturally entitled to, were it NOT for their bullshit laws in the first place. From a law enforcement / “corrections” standpoint cannabis is a huge budgetary “cash cow” receiving billion$$$ in tax money meanwhile civil “humane” rights leaders are locked up in perpetuity…

    GOOD PEOPLE DISOBEY BAD LAWS is as American as your first revolution…

    Facts prove America NEVER had any SCIENCE-BASED EVIDENCE to substantiate criminalizing cannabis use among the People, except from other industries that it threatens with competition or disruption, such as oil, big pharma, “human rights” vs. the “war effort.” All of it just propaganda.

    Just as slavery is unlawful, so too is criminalizing an essential herb medicine to make slaves of men and women.

    There is NO LAWFUL RIGHT on the part of ANY government anywhere to “prohibit” something so naturally essential to the quality of life of millions of people, to criminalize certain groups and attack entire populations under threat of violence tyranny oppression and imprisonment ALL for a plant that makes people “happy.”

    “Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never has and it never will.” (Frederick Douglass)

    We the People of the CANNABIS WORLD UNITE & DEMAND freedom justice & equality for ALL… For the IMMEDIATE RELEASE OF ALL CANNABIS PRISONERS and an EXPUNGEMENT of all prior convictions. That’s how we “win”… How we’ll know we’ve won…

    Until then…. Never surrender.

  6. Avatar Jeff Stribling says:

    Can I get a card in Texas?

  7. Avatar Marc says:

    Can I get a marijuana card in Alabama

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