Five-year follow-up of rural Jamaican children whose mothers used marijuana during pregnancy.
Tax On Medical Pot? Should I Pay It?
February 13, 2018

This research provides data on the development of 59 Jamaican children, from birth to age 5 years, whose mothers used marijuana during pregnancy. Approximately one-half of the sample used marijuana during pregnancy and were matched with non-users according to age, parity, and socioeconomic status. Testing of the children was done at 1, 3, and 30 days of age with the Brazelton Neonatal Behavioral Assessment Scales and at ages 4 and 5 years with the McCarthy Scales of Children’s Abilities. Data about the child’s home environment and temperament were collected from direct observations as well as from standardized questionnaires. The results show no significant differences in developmental testing outcomes between children of marijuana-using and non-using mothers except at 30 days of age when the babies of users had more favourable scores on two clusters of the Brazelton Scales: autonomic stability and reflexes. The developmental scores at ages 4 and 5 years were significantly correlated to certain aspects of the home environment and to regularity of basic school (preschool) attendance.

Sam Peterson
Sam Peterson
I treat my bone spurs with pot, weed, dope, marihuana and other forms of the cannabis plant.


  1. Lori says:

    To put this into perspective, this is a 1991 study on Jamaican women living in Jamaica. The Cannabis plants themselves and the lifestyles of the women are quite different than those in today’s United States, and both factors are significant. The same study in 2018 United States would have a very different outcome.

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