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August 29, 2016
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September 6, 2016

There are many of us who move the dial of marijuana reform throughout the world. As we reflect years after our mission is accomplished, only the victims, and not the heroes or the villains, will remain. In a small Michigan town lives a girl many will remember as a victim.

Michelle, let’s call her Michelle, is one of those victims. Michelle’s story for the past six years has included near daily, chance encounters with Lt. Gary Parks of the Lapeer County Sheriff’s office. You see Michelle is a patient, a pot activist and runs a rather successful dispensary. And the officer, Lt.Parks, appears to be weirdly attracted to Michelle. Literally a love hate-hate relationship.

On the flip side, the more Michelle is victimized by Parks the more her empire and reach seems to grow. Our villain, Lt. Parks, resides in an adjacent neighborhood to where Michelle lives and was raised, and where Michelle raises her children today. Lt. Gary Parks has not turned down an opportunity, while on his work shift, to drive his cruiser past that home and even stop. He jogs by on his days off, but not often enough jokes Michelle.

When many other people, including lawyers, notice the coincidences and appearances involving this creep it makes sense that a personal protective order was sought and civil lawsuit were filed against Parks. In retaliation, Parks blocked a judge’s order. He also accidentally hit REPLY ALL from an email chain. The dumb oaf admitted to breaking a crime and how he would disobey future orders from a judge. We know this as fact as Michelle’s lawyer was on the email chain.

“But we have emails between the prosecutor and Parks indicating he continued to be involved and provided advice to Parks that one of his options was to ignore a judge’s order,” said Neil Rockind, a former Oakland County assistant prosecutor. “If that’s not contempt, I don’t know what is.”

In an unrelated Michigan case, a medical marijuana patient has accused a police officer of tapping into her baby-monitoring camera through a cell phone to watch her breastfeeding her baby after getting out of her bath, according to a federal lawsuit obtained by PEOPLE MAGAZINE.

Michelle has plans to invest in the new Jamaican marijuana industry. It’s legal now, mon.

On her way out of the country to attend a Jamaican trade conference yesterday, Michelle was raided (for the 8th time) and her dispensary was shut down by the DEA and local authorities. Law enforcement confiscated it all. Gary Parks participated in the raids.

Michelle could become the greatest weed warrior in modern history after her latest round of attacks. Whatever the future holds, as I reflect on this dark time in our history I too will always remember the victims, but glad to have met a few heroes who risked it all.




Lon Swanson
Lon Swanson
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