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February 13, 2018
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A recent car accident in Western Michigan has claimed the lives of a young married couple. NBC affiliate Wood TV reported on the story, Couple killed in crash, at-fault driver had marijuana cards.

Captain Chris Kuhn with the Allegan County Sheriff’s Office told NBC reporters that the at-fault driver has a medical marijuana prescription. The Captain also made these statements before any toxicology reports had come back. No marijuana was reported at the scene nor did Captain Kuhn state that the driver appeared to be under the influence of any drugs.

Since Michigan only has a handful of diseases which qualify patients for medical cannabis use, the Sheriff’s Office and NBC have potentially violated protected medical rights of this patient-driver.

In an odd twist, the deceased couple both had marijuana prescriptions. How do I know? Captain Kuhn also shared with NBC the deceased couples once protected medical information.

Do media outlets like Wood TV, who exploit tragic accidents, want to push anti-marijuana rhetoric or gain readers, or both? Their story definitely caught my attention.

From the news story:

Kuhn said the situation underlines a serious concern of law enforcement about the push to legalize marijuana before giving the Legislature enough time to study its effects and create appropriate laws to regulate it like alcohol.

This man, accused of causing the accident will have a tough road ahead; possible criminal prosecution, remorse for the victims, and now the shame of his medical conditions being made available to the public. Is there legal recourse for this man (or other patients) against a Sheriff’s department with an anti-marijuana agenda or an out-of-control media outlet that exchanges constitutional rights for clicks?

Brian Wallace
Brian Wallace
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  1. Avatar Bobby says:

    Wood TV is fake news

  2. Avatar Greg says:

    Sure. Sue the Sheriff and the department under HIPPA law

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