City of Boston Issues KKK a Permit to March, Denies Pot Activists
Libertarian Party ‘Just Says No’ to Legal Pot in Michigan
August 4, 2017
Most Progressive Pot Initiative EVER Gets Green Light From State Board of Canvassers
August 21, 2017

Turn on the news for the latest in our roller-coasting White House, an office that actually has made our Congress look genuine. In some media interpretations, our President Trump appears to have ‘supported’ white supremacists (Klansmen, Nazis, bigots) labeling them ‘not so bad’.

Donald Trump’s comment is in line with US Attorney General Jeff Sessions thinking, ‘I didn’t think the KKK was that bad until I found out they smoked pot.’

The Boston demonstration that turned violent pitted alt-right and Nazis against citizens opposed to their cause.

Despite the progressive steps taken by Boston residents the city’s leaders have continued to deny organizers of the ‘Boston Freedom Rally’ (MassCann/NORML} permits for their annual pro marijuana event.

City officials have denied the group permission again this year, as they have the past twenty, for their upcoming festival and concert at Boston Common on September 15-17, 2017.

MassCann expects to win their argument before a court and go forward with the planned event. ‘There have been quite a few years when we just got a permit (right before the event),’ says Bill Downing, a longtime marijuana advocate and Freedom Rally organizer. ‘We have to go through this process with every mayor. It took us successfully suing Menino five times for illegally keeping our permits from us [for him to stop trying to block MassCann].’

Boston Free Speech Rally organizers did not face the same challenges when applying for their city permit. After all, as Jeff Sessions explains, “good people don’t smoke pot.’

Sam Peterson
Sam Peterson
I treat my bone spurs with pot, weed, dope, marihuana and other forms of the cannabis plant.


  1. Avatar Anneliese says:

    “Good people disobey bad laws” is as American as apple pie.

    Haters be our motivators.

    Onward troops, proudly march on for those still in prison… for a plant … that makes people “happy. ”

    “Prison is for murderers, thieves & rapists. If you lock someone up for smoking a plant that makes them happy, then you’re the fucking criminal.” – Joe Rogan

  2. Avatar Dennis Pielack says:

    Been breaking that bad law for many years and paying the price for the ignorant prejudice of evil people against a GOD-given plant in the form of a law, a bad law, void of common sense.

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