Grow Room
September 20, 2012

Electrical Question

I am just putting my lights up, 3 1000 watt Mh/hps and am supplying them with 220 line. Is there a timer for 220 or is […]
June 27, 2012

Exhausting to sewer lines

Was just thinking about exhausting my room and have access to my sewer line. Closest to my city connect. Question is can i exhaust to the […]
June 7, 2012

Using Tyvek for grow room

I found house wrap (Tyvek) left over after an addition and used it on my ceiling and walls. Does this have good reflectiveness or am I […]
March 27, 2012

What are the best nutrients to use when growing Blueberry Strains?

I just got some Bluberry & Blueberry Haze Clones and am not sure what nutrients to use.
March 21, 2012

Grow tents and bud smell

Since im in an apartment it is tight for me to grow and was thinking of a grow tent to limit some of the smell and […]
March 2, 2012

Growing in basement

What are the chances that a helicopter or police department will tell if I am growing in basement. Am running 2 1000 watt lights and 400 […]
February 9, 2012

Sea of Green

What do you think of sea of green of screen of green growing for mainly sativa strains? Is it good idea or harder and was thinking […]
January 9, 2012

GROWERS POLL: What is your Favorite Growing Method?

Over the past 2 years I slowly went from all organic soil growing to 80% hydroponically and 20% using organic soil methods. Of course I maintain […]