Cannabis cured my canine’s cancer
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December 20, 2013
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December 21, 2013
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Nine years ago, I met my best friend…a spaniel/shepherd/lab mix full of energy. Over the years, through my own personal struggles, Dozer has never left my side. Like a guardian angel, my canine companion has served as pet, protector, and hiking buddy. In short, Dozer is my world.

Two years ago, Dozer had noticeably slowed down. It was as if my playful little puppy had turned into a haggardly old man. After his annual examination with our family veterinarian, we learned that Dozer was afflicted with cancerous tumors – a not so uncommon but potentially fatal disease. Dozer’s human mother, herself a physician, recognized the lumps and the ordeal we were all about to endure.

Having a personal interest in holistic and traditional medicines myself, however, I have always believed that dogs – much like their wolf ancestors – respond better to organic herbs. Using some of my personal supply of cannabis oil, I gave Dozer about one gram per day. About two weeks later, his tumors were noticeably smaller and 40 days later gone.

Those who only believe in “traditional medicine” are being fooled by the pharmaceutical companies – both for humans and pets. And to think the government that I fought for is trying to keep this miracle medicine away from my mutt in her dying days…I am angered and ashamed. So yes, marijuana saved Dozer’s life and put some pep back in his step.


  1. Avatar GR GI says:

    Thats so awesome looks like my dog Dino. Animals are just as important to save than men.

  2. Avatar Ty says:

    Glad that Dozer is still running free but I call BS on your story. What kind of oil, what extraction method what was the CBD of base material and how long and much did you treat Dozer for?

  3. Avatar GiGi says:

    Thanks for the hope. I found one cancerous tumor on my best friend a 3 year old lab/Retriever mix last week. She looks a lot like your dog. Started her on cannabis powder a byproduct of the raw juice and cbd gummies. Each gummy is 3 gr of cbd oil. I started her out on 2 per day seeing as it’s just one small tumor. I have only been using it for four days and am already seeing a reduction in the tumor and she has quit constantly licking it.

    We have used raw cannabis juice for my grandsons seizures and it has eliminated his seizures and proven by a 24 hour eeg. The raw form is the safest form for the use of cannabis as thc’s psychoactive effect is inactive until it is heated. No heat no high. We have since switched to the cbd gummies (a legal form of the cbd oil) and there is also legal cbd oil at 24% and 30% strength online. They are more convenient and the cbd seems to be the ingredient in cannabis that works on seizures. They come from a company recommended by Dr. Gupta the doctor that changed his position on medical marajuana. It’s a great thing for those that live in states where it is not legal. My state is legal. We had to add back the cannabis powder (in pill form) as the cbd oil alone did not seem to work as well on his anxiety.

    Juicing is quite easy if you can grow your own. You use the entire plant less big stems and stalks. If you have something powerful like a ninja or similar they work great. Pulverize it, strain through cheese cloth and add flavored juice of your choice. My grandson likes mango. Dose depends on problem. Cancer I am certain would need a much higher dose than seizures. He uses 2oz in AM and PM. If you make more than a half-gallon at a time I recommend freezing it in ice cube trays as I believe it begins to deteriorate after a week or so.

  4. Avatar Terry Davis says:

    Hey, I appreciate your post. I have a little Shitzu I am just as fond of and care a lot about. He has been suffering from a skin allergy disorder he inherited from his father, who had a terrible case of it. I have been bathing him every 3-days with medicated dog shampoo I could afford and mix up small doses of dried-out and ground-up cannabis leaves I obtain from a friend. When I give him his weekly baths and give him small doses, he doesn’t scratch at all during the days between baths

  5. Avatar Ed M says:

    Great story but why is Dozer referred to both “him” and “her”?


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