The Canadians Are Coming, The Canadians Are Coming
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February 1, 2017
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February 4, 2017

One thing is certain in America, the “Green Rush” is on as more and more states legalize medical and regular marijuana. Investors are coming out of the woodwork, but more and more of these investors are Canadians.

Canada has enjoyed a long history of medical cannabis compared to the United States, and national legalization of the drug is fast becoming a reality. While Canada looks to export its product to the rest of the world their country also capitalizes from laws which criminalize the sale of hemp or cannabis products not originated in Canada. Are Canadians better at economics and farming?

One Canadian company, Maple Leaf Green World has just purchased large growing facilities and licenses in California and Nevada, and in advance of updated and expanded state cannabis laws. In Michigan, Prairie Plant Systems, another Canadian company has worked (through lobbyists) with that state’s legislators to essentially take over the bulk of the cannabis supply.

The universal signal for the cannabis plant could soon resemble a maple pot leaf. Do Canadians grow it better than Americans? Canadian beer is superior in many ways to that of American beer manufacturers, so why not cannabis?

Should we stand up to Canadian carpetbaggers and take the lead in our own country, or allow them to continue overgrowing our US government?

Brian Wallace
Brian Wallace
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