Can pot help you ‘poop’?
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November 9, 2013
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November 13, 2013
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Opiates commonly cause very severe constipation. Can cannabis help you to relieve constipation?

Constipation of intestinal reflexes may be alleviated by the anti-emetic properties of cannabis. Relief of constipation was one of the original cannabis indications cited by Shen-Nung five thousand years ago. Virtually every historical medical reference since that time has included similar observations.

Ingesting whole cannabis extract will relax your bowels. Smoking marijuana worked to produce an immediate result, usually in less than two minutes.”

“Hemp seed oil products mixed with herbal extracts are widely sold in China as laxatives.”

Around (2,300 B.C.) hemp was documented as a medicine. Emperor Shen Nung prescribed hemp for the treatment of constipation along with a long list of other ailments. In India, the ayurvedic physicians mix hemp leaves with milk, sugar and spices to treat constipation.

Cannabis Seed for Constipation
Make your own (laxative) concoction: Put 10-15 grams of cannabis seed into your blender or food processor. Slowly pour in quality EVOO (olive oil), some Meyer lemon zest and juice.

Cannabis seed oil is nutritious. The seeds are rich in essential fatty acids: the omega-3 fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) and the omega-6 fatty acid gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). Seeds also contain natural vitamin E and protein.

A study recently found that the “hemp seed pill “(HSP) relieves a form of constipation known in traditional Chinese medicine as “excessive syndrome,” in which the bowels dry out and cause problems such as dry mouth, abdominal swelling and pain and trouble sleeping.

The study, made up of 120 people and split into two groups, one receiving 7.5 grams of HSP in 150 ml of hot water while the other group got a placebo, (twice a day for 8 weeks). Forty three percent of those taking the HSP reported improvement in their bowel movements, compared to only eight percent in the placebo group. Cannabis has a stabilizing affect on the digestive system. It binds to the nerves that control the digestive system and will reduce symptoms of IBS.

Sam Peterson
Sam Peterson
I treat my bone spurs with pot, weed, dope, marihuana and other forms of the cannabis plant.


  1. Avatar Andrew says:

    I’ve been smoking for like 8 years, but only in the last 2 or so years has pot made me want to use the bathroom. What’s funny is its a pretty immediate feeling, especially dependent on the dosage. I finally decide to look it up. A lot of people who experience this says smoking in general causes this. Cigarettes, Tobacco, and even crack apparently.

  2. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Same exact thing has happened to me Andrew…8-10 year smoker all of a sudden I’ll take a crack or 2 off the joint and off to the toilet I go.

  3. Avatar Oliver says:

    Yo i feel this so hard lmao the strain Orange Kush always makes me shit

  4. Avatar GMoney says:

    Good to know. I thought it helped. Very important. I been stressed the f*@k out and haven’t been able to poop, but the good ole sweet leaf helps. Glad other people find it helpful too.

  5. Avatar Padme says:

    I am finding this article a little hard to swallow. Cannabis reduces the motility of the gut which means worse constipation! I know this because I recently tried using hemp oil and became so constipated that I looked 6 months pregnant. I tried taking laxitives to offset this, but just ended up going every 45 minutes in tiny amounts.
    I desperately need to be able to use Cannabis for my sleep so If anyone knows of any constipation remedies that increase bowel motility, let me know!

  6. Avatar carmen says:

    I have been using cannabis for several years daily and decided to quit for a couple of months recently. I have always had very regular bowel movements until I quit and started having constipation worse than ever. Almost as soon as I started back, my bm have been back to normal. So, in my experience it does definitely have an effect on your poo!

  7. Avatar Eric says:

    I have been smoking cannabis for 25 year to help with my IBS. It helps a little smoking it; however after 25 years of smoking it I got the Idea to start eating raw cannabis buds dry or wet (2g min, no max that I know of) and I have not had any symptoms in over 60 days. I can eat ice cream and cup cakes again. Just a helpful tip. I think I may of gave myself at least ten more years of life . If anything I feel so much better. Or as I would like to call it normal again.

    P.S. I still smoke it as well. Not sure if that really is needed for IBS.

  8. Avatar Pam says:

    Eric..what type of ibs do you have?..desperate to eat and feel normal again

  9. Avatar Lys says:

    Wow I know now for a fact that cbd helps with constipation. I just recently got my documentation for medical marajuana due to being diagnosed with anxiety and depression, but I mostly wanted it for sporadic insomnia. Anyhow I started taking cbd oil as prescribed. I have had chronic (lol) constipation for as long as I know. To be able to poop regularly I have to drink tea with protein powder and coconut oil in the morning, plus do a big glass of water with greens plus (a greens mix that is basically like a super mineral and fibre drink). Within 3 days of starting cbd I have been going 2 times a day! This is so weird for me because I’m lucky if I get one, and cbd is the only thing in my routine I have changed!

  10. Avatar Manny says:

    This is why it’s perfect to hotbox the bathroom. Resources are readily available.

  11. Avatar Starr Rousseaux says:

    I just started taking this orally in a pill format.

    It is helping so much. I have been constipated for years.

    This is the first time i have had regularmovements that actually sink to the bottom of the toilet bowel

  12. Avatar anita says:

    Can i used whole plant extract cannibis oil or Rick Simpson Oil(High THC) if i dont have cannibis seeds? my dad had a colostomy bag 5 days ago in preparation for radation and surgical removal of rectal cancer tumor. even with the colostomy bag there was no bowel movement. They had to use enema and strange enough the waste came out out of the rectum( should it not go into the bag?) he still feels bloated and nauseas.

  13. Avatar Joe says:

    Yes it can be

  14. Avatar Jake says:

    I have always had trouble pooping. Then when I first started smoking pot, I would have to go after I smoked. Now after about four years of smoking, I have to poop before I get ready to smoke.

  15. Avatar Rosa says:

    We believe CBD is effective to our son. He has Hirschsprung’s Disease. Due to having many surgeries & procedures he has severe anal spasms that doesn’t allow stool to pass ease fully. Botox was the only treatment that was successful before finding cbd. CBD relaxes his anal spasms. – Rosa

    • Avatar Pickster says:

      Hi Rosa.
      Any particular strength or strain/brand of oil you prefer? How long did it take to see a difference?
      I have Diverticular Disease that is quite progressed, I’ve lost intestine and have to avoid opiates due to the issue of constipation. Constipation is very dangerous for me and something I struggle with.
      I have docs worried medical mj could make me worse – esp the oil. But after more than a decade of problems, they’ve put me on dry bud to start. But I haven’t been given much direction.

  16. […] I also avoid wheat which definitely seems to make a difference. I don’t follow a strict gluten-free diet but when I get lazy and eat pizza or bread, I totally notice things slowing down. I’m in a coffee phase now which is OK at the moment, but every few months I switch to green tea and always feel better digestion-wise. I’ve also heard smoking pot keeps bowels happy. […]

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