Busted For Heroin Sales – Turned Medical Marijuana Informant
Husband Arrested For Technical Violations of Michigan Medical Marijuana Act After Home Invaders Murder Wife
August 16, 2017
First Marijuana Arrest 80 Years Ago Today
October 2, 2017

Today, a North Michigan man, Don Koshmider, was sentenced to 13 – 180 months in prison for selling cannabis to a medical marijuana patient. That patient was an informant for the Michigan State Police. In exchange for his crime of selling heroin, the informant was given clemency, issued a State cannabis card and agreed to buy medical marijuana from State registered grower, Don Koshmider.

Mr. Koshmider was aggressively targeted for his political activism in support of Michigan’s medical marihuana act [see photo]. Prosecutors, state and local law enforcement, even the media, all aided in the arrest, conviction and today’s sentence.

Fellow activist, Chad Morrow has updated the cannabis community throughout Don’s trial. Chad explains, through his Facebook page how the jury was forbidden from learning evidence that showed Mr. Koshmiders legal status to use, grow and sale the medicine. Jurors were not made aware the informant (and witness) at Don’s trial traded his testimony for the dismissal of heroin selling charges and had a medical patient card.

Was justice served? Did Michigan really just replace a law abiding citizen (who was treating Michigan’s sickest of citizens) for a heroin dealer?

Society will not benefit from today’s sentencing but the court system sent a warning to citizens. Michigan State Police let a heroin dealer walk free while sending a legal grower to prison for 15 years [the prosecutor tried for a life sentence].

Brian Wallace
Brian Wallace
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  1. Avatar Angeles says:

    And thus ends the “reign of error” that is cannabis prohibition. It ends not with a bang but a whimper of last rites given to bullies who betray the very public they are paid to serve & protect – the vulnerable from the depraved.

    Folks, surely this is the Apopcalyse – the End of the World… of common sense. Thankfully the great Green Gold Rush allows us to ascend like angels of mercy in a cruel dumb world…

    “Nah… Jus havn fun wit y”all,” says the “high” priestess,


    Please note: due to being a second generation Holocaust survivor, I decided to change my “public” name from Anneliese to Angeles due to the large amount of PTSD it still triggers. It has taken me 40 years to acknowledge that. Please respect my choice.

    And yes I am a “high” priestess of cannabis, not just a patient, more on that later…

    Folks i just want to thank you all for your tremendous valor & commitment to real freedom in America. As good ol’ Dumbledore once pointed out, “it takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to your enemies, but a great deal more to stand up to your friends.”

    Jah bless! ( NOT jobless, get it? Haha)

    We shall overcome!

    When the last “prisoner” is freed… “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery.” Hurray for Bob!
    Puff puff pass…

  2. Avatar Janine Adams says:

    Man, they never cease to amaze me with their sheer ignorance!! Those making these deals with drug offenders are only keeping these addicts in that kind of lifestyle when what they need is help! They’re putting these people back on the streets and act surprised when those same people they get to be an informant, go back out and commit more crimes to feed their addiction…its sickening and neglegant on the part of tnt and the law enforcement teams!!! I don’t understand the laws concerning marijuana but anyone with half a brain see that this is so wrong!!

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