When Billionaires Fund Prisons and Taxpayers Buy Their Stadiums
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July 30, 2017
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August 4, 2017

In Detroit, there is currently a plan before city officials that would allow a private company controlled by two billionaire sports team owners, Dan Gilbert (Cleveland Cavaliers) and Tom Gores (Detroit Pistons) to finance and build a new (larger) prison. With their own money.

The deal, now seriously being considered by city officials would allow the investor group to gain control of valuable city land where a smaller, uncompleted jail currently resides. The structure would be destroyed and become home to Detroit’s new soccer facility. The new prison — that will be placed down the road on top of less desirable real estate.

Both Gores and Gilbert have used taxpayer dollars to pay for their current sports stadiums. It is presumed that some of those same taxpayers will pick up the tab for their $1 Billion+ construction estimates for the soccer arena.

When our public dollars fund sports arenas and private citizens fund our prisons something is clearly wrong with our society.

Sam Peterson
Sam Peterson
I treat my bone spurs with pot, weed, dope, marihuana and other forms of the cannabis plant.

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  1. Avatar Steve Freeman says:

    I agree that priorities are skewed. However, given the appetite of the public for paying for gladiator arenas, oops I mean sports arenas; and happily blowing taxpayers money on them (I mean pissing away tax dollars), I’d rather see billionaires fund a new prison rather than see taxpayers fund both a new prison AND a new arena.
    Given the money that goes into and out of a sports endeavor; specifically astronomical ticket prices and unreal player salaries; I think that players and owners should have a minimum of 80% skin-in-the-game, rather than relying on taxpayer funding so heavily. I mean if Amazon wanted to locate a major hub there, would the taxpayer be on the hook to completely build-out the warehouses, trucking lanes and other infrastructure just to get Amazon there? Both sports teams and Amazon will be bringing jobs on a primary and secondary level – the same argument made by poor sports teams; so why don’t taxpayers line up to build for Amazon? They don’t do it for Amazon, so what makes sports so dang special?
    And as far a locating the prison on “less desirable” real estate, who the heck cares? It’s not as if prisoners pay for million-dollar vistas, and the guards don’t need prime real estate to park their cars before going inside to work.

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