What Benefits Society More? Booze or Pot
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November 20, 2016
Do Recreational Laws Really Protect Children, Parents?
December 22, 2016

As any responsible, liberty-loving, global citizen knows and for the most part, agree, marijuana is less harmful to the body than alcohol. The medical benefits alone are accepted and shared everyday – rewinding 100 years of prohibition.

While marijuana has anti-inflammatory and anti-psychotic properties, provides an heightened sense of awareness, and without adverse health affects, you’re not going to see a bong bar or vape station at my cousin Al’s wedding this summer. Alcohol has brought folks together since the beginning of time and pot was smoked out back (at least the past century). Detractors want to enforce this social norm by arresting these brave cannapreneurs vying the advancement of weed commercialization.

The tax revenue, money for the kids schoolbooks, and equality are chief talking points for legalization. Sadly, most tax funds eventually end up in State coffers and more are arrested. Tell me one industry who does not rely on promotion for increased revenues. More of us could choose cannabis in a post legalization world, but will we all Just Say No to Alcohol and forget the pot stigma. Will commercialization make cannabis more accepted and lead to fewer arrests? Sure. Will commercialization lead to the 8 foot party bong at cousin Al’s wedding? Probably not.

My vote; we make cannabis lawful (take away any arrest or loss of freedoms) and let society deal with users as they have since the beginning of congregating. My hunch — not much will change and joints will still be passed out back somewhere. Let’s find out already.

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Brian Wallace
Brian Wallace
Create marijuana infused food products and chill on my small sail boat.

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