1st Patient Receives Cannabis Oil in Hospital
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September 25, 2016
Cops, Doctors and Society
October 8, 2016

We’ve Come a Long Ways Baby

Our hearts go out to baby Amylea Faith Nunez to contain her epilepsy. As a 3 day newborn, Amylea’s epilepsy began. In a very short time, the frequency of her seizures increased to 30 minutes and the duration could last up to 66 minutes. Her heart had stopped twice and she could die during the next seizure. Traditional medicine offered no solution.

Quick acting parents developed a plan. The father maintains their New Mexico home with their other 2 children while mother and baby moved to Colorado. The parents convince Children’s Hospital in Aurora to allow the oil extract from Charlotte’s Web (high on CBD and low on THC) to be administered.

What’s remarkable is modern medicine’s prognosis for Amylea was for a wheelchair and sedation. Today, 11 months old and seizure free, the world is her oyster. What’s equally remarkable is that Children’s Hospital is the first hospital to make the official step in allowing the benefits of marijuana to be administered. That’s right, officially sanctioned.

In case you have an extra $10, Baby Amylea has a GoFundMe page to help cover her medical expenses.



GoFundMe – Amylea Faith Nuñez Medical Fund

For the First Time Ever, Cannabis Oil Will Be Used in a Hospital — To Save a 2-Month Old Baby Girl 

CBD & Haleigh’s Hope Saved Baby Amylea from a Wheelchair! Youngest MMJ Patient in New Mexico – SGTV



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