AUDIO: Police Purchase at a Legal Dispensary
What Happens When You Run Government Like A Business
April 2, 2017
Oakland County Drops Criminal Charges Against Clinical Relief Dispensary
July 7, 2017

When Clinical Relief, a Ferndale, MI dispensary, opened it’s doors to patients in the summer of 2010 the clinic was celebrated by residents, welcomed by city and county officials, highlighted in the media, and inspected and approved by the Ferndale police department.

The County Sheriff, Michael Bouchard had more sinister plans, however. After promising the city of Ferndale and it’s police department that he would not touch Clinical Relief, the sheriff took aim at Michigan medical marijuana patients anyways.

His task force falsified State issued patient ID cards and infiltrated the clinic. The MPO recently discovered audio of undercover officers making purchases at the city-approved clinic.

On August 25, 2010, Sheriff Michael Bouchard deployed his SWAT teams to conduct raids on individuals and patients (and their children) involved with the long-shuttered Clinical Relief.

Shanna Bieber, an Army veteran, was present during those raids. “They came in with ski masks and had assault rifles. They threw me and other patients including two senior citizens to the ground. The cops had assault rifles to our heads.”

Shanna suffers from PTSD and other injuries as a result of her deployment to Afghanistan. She was issued a card by her doctor and the Michigan Department of Community Health.

This summer, members of the Clinical Relief dispensary will finally have their day in court against criminal charges. It has been a long, trying seven years for the defendants. Despite mounting evidence and legislation that authorizes their actions, the county prosecutor has chosen to continue forward with her persecution.

When you are a hammer, everything around you is a nail.


Jeremy J
Jeremy J
Undercover patient, full-time agent of the state.


  1. Avatar Kitty says:

    That is so wrong of the police officers and swat to come in and throw people down and behave like terrorists. Medical marijuana really does help with lower vertabrea also nerve damage it puts the pain to sleep without the use of a high dosage of narcotics they used to give me almost 200 mg of morphine a day and then I started abusing them causing myself more heath and also mental and emotional issues .I was always so scared of being caught with marijuana I stayed street searching my meds for years I did this sending even more money, when they started the medical marijuana program I filed and received my card and finally I am opiate free. Yeah I guess scaring folks to not consume or carry marijuana would make it agate way so much easier to get jobs and not get caught pharmaceuticals kill marijuana helps and heals. Also people can produce there own medicine ..

  2. Avatar Angry says:

    Sheriff Bouchard killed Sal Agro during the raids. RIP Sal

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