After my motorcycle accident..
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September 29, 2017
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motorbike accident

Helped me walk again after my horrible motorcycle accident on 9/11/09. I was ejected off at 50 mph, I was the passenger and I hit a tree head first. I was helicoptered in to the nearest trauma hospital when they thought I should of died, woke up weeks later paralyzed from the neck down except for the left side it was numb but I could move both arm and leg some what, the right side was completely paralyzed, my eyes went cross eyed from my TBI and 3 surgeries later pretty much back but the right eye wanders a bit.

They had my on morphine, oxy, vicodin, gabapentin (sorry about spelling). My family and I was told I’d be a quadripelgic because of the dead spot in my spinal cord in the neck area C4-C5 area. I became a marijuana patient and no more of those pain killers and I am walking again, not like before but pretty darn close, it’s like I had a spinal stroke :/ but I’m alive. The driver he’s fine and after my lawsuit against his ins co. for my medical bills not him at all, he said he loved me and would take care of me, once the lawsuit was over he kicked me out of his house and my son’s came to rescue me and I live on my own close to them. I’m even in a research film made for U of M Hospital called “Seed of Relief” 🙂 My attitude is “God put this plant on earth for us, mankind and why would he give us something that would hurt us….no it’s here to HELP US ALL!

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