500 Patients Turn Themselves In to Police After Dispensary Raid
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August 3, 2017
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August 16, 2017

For most of us who acquire their medication from a dispensary you may not be aware of this fact. There is a 58% chance that every dispensary or one of its employees in the United States has been raided or arrested and multiple times (without actual charges in many cases) while following state laws. The status quo (law enforcement) has a difficult time coming to terms with the undoing of cannabis laws, or new laws established by voters and our elected officials.

US crime data released by the Federal Government tells us that you are more than 3 times (300%) as lucky to be arrested if you are black in America. 4 times (400%) more likely to be arrested for pot if you are of Latin descent. However, recent estimates show a caucasian male dominated dispensary and grower industry. Seller beware.

When more white people get arrested things start to change.

This past month, in a northern Vermont town, a medical dispensary was raided and the owners, John King (53) and his wife Helen (52) were put in jail awaiting serious drug selling charges. Vermont has laws on the books, ordinances that were followed, a liberal populace and procedure that was followed by the long established medical clinic, ie. dispensary and it’s operators.

After the paramilitary raid on this sleepy community the dispensary’s customers (sick patients) joined together and did something amazing. They met at 10 am, around 500 in all from around the area, and they turned themselves over to the local police station with two officers and staff left clueless.

One of the patients waiting in line was Montel Williams, “not sure what crime I broke but I definitely do not understand what crime this place broke.”

“No persons were arrested. But these owners are scum who prey on sick patients. They profited and we took them down.” said Sheriff Coltrane.

When asked by reporters ‘where will these patients get their medicine from now’ the good Sheriff responded, “Good people don’t need marijuana.”

Of course, this article is not real but how cool would it be if we all had our dispensary’s back. Most dispensary owners make less than $60,000 a year, work a 7-day job and are always looking over their shoulders. 

Lon Swanson
Lon Swanson
Working to end cannabis prohibition through action.

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