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December 6, 2013
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The title got your attention, so I assume you are interested in learning about the medical marijuana industry, how to get involved, and more importantly how to be successful.

My background is in medibles or marijuana-infused food products. We work with several dispensaries and have a brand that patients know. So how did we get our start.

After a personal background in culinary arts and personally helping my brother with his losing battle against leukemia I decided to help others. Despite a very shaky political environment here in Michigan and a general fear of arrest, my desire to help others propelled me forward. My products got better, my packaging got better, like most companies I evolved and grew.

Rule #1, getting in medical marijuana is knowing that you may go to jail. With that said you need a greater motivation to help patients than to just make it big, that or have a fondness for prison. Getting arrested is not a part of most peoples jobs. Trust me there are many ways to get rich and much safer than cannabis. But if you are able to avoid trouble, deliver quality and consistency to patients or industry professionals, then your blue ocean could be medical marijuana.

What will you decide to do? There are several ways to get involved in this emerging industry; Own a dispensary, become a grower, work with doctors, advertising and several more professions.

Each discipline has it’s own risks and rewards, and some times State and local laws, competition and politics may point you in the best direction. Get to know others in the industry and shadow medical marijuana professionals if possible. Attend trade shows or research on the internet. You will find your niche.

Being a part of the medical marijuana industry and assisting patients can be one of the greatest rewards that you will ever have. Trust me.

Brian Wallace
Brian Wallace
Create marijuana infused food products and chill on my small sail boat.

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